How To Check/Detect A Refurbished Android Smartphone Or Factory-New Phone

In this tutorial, you will
basically learn how to find out or check if your Android smartphone, whether
new phone or your existing old brand phone is a refurbished device or not. In
other words, checking whether a mobile Android smartphone is refurbished, gets
you directed in making a right choice when getting a new phone or second hand phone
for yourself or for somebody.

 It is important to check whether your
smartphone is a refurbished phone or not and for those of us who are hearing
“refurbished devices” for the first time, it is the act of redecorating and
redesign of swapped out or already repaired phone, presenting it as new phone
to the mobile phone market for purchase by the public. This act of redesign
doesn’t come from the main brand manufacturers but from those that pirates
their brand of phones.

The worst part of this refurbished
smartphones is that, it doesn’t come with full feature as its original brand used
to have. Most of the features found in refurbished phones doesn’t function at
all, some features are left blocked for you to unblock, features like making of
calls, playing music, no browsing option for surfing the net etc sometimes, the
phone gets hot like baking oven. There are lots of cheap refurbished
smartphones models in different places even in online stores like ebay, Jumia,
Konga, Jiji, Amazon etc so you ought to be careful and smart when making a
choice of phone to use.

Having taken note of what refurb
smartphones are, let’s proceed on how to detect any of them with just a dial of
code on Android phones. For those using Apple phones like iphone, ipads etc
your own tutorial is next, today is set out for Android users.

How To Identify
Refurbished Android Cell Phone
Before we proceed, the code below should work on the
following list of Android phones brand below;
Samsung, Gionee, Infinix, Tecno, Oneplus, Xiaomi, Huawei,
LG, ZTE, Motorola, Nexus, HTC, Droid, Sony, Alcatel, Panasonic, Oppo, Archos,
Coolpad, Intex, Lenovo, Asus, Meizu, Yu, Zen, Zopo, Philips, palm, Elephone,
Umi, Google Pixel, Acer, Wiko, Xcute, Orange, 02, Microsoft, Micromax, Nec,
Mitsubishi, Leco, Maxwest, i-mate, i-mobile, Hp, icemobile, Eten, Gigabyte,
Dell, Cat, Casio, Blu, Ericsson, Bird, AT&T, Benefon, verizon contract,

>>Step 1. 
Switch ON the phone and go to the section of “dialer” as in where you dial number if you want to make call or
dial a USD code.

Identify Refurbished Android image 1
>>Step 2. Next, dial on the Android keypad this code ##786# (also known as ##RTN#).
After dialing, you need not to click send button because the
code will automatically open up the RTN screen section of the smartphone once
you enter the last digit #.

Now Tap on where you see ”VIEW” just as seen in the provided

Note: Should
incase the first provided code above didn’t work on your smartphone, then here
is another second code to dial *#*#786#*#*
instead. Ensure to enter the code exactly the way it is presented here for it
to work.

Identify Refurbished Android phone image 2

After the dialing the rtn codeview android rtn information
should display, then proceed to next step.
code to check Refurbished Android phone

>>Step 3. Still on the RTN screen, scroll down below
to the option/section of “Reconditioned
There you will get to see two possible status entries which are as
>> YesIf the status is YES then your Android phone
is a refurbished model
>> NoBut if the status is NO, then Congratulations, your smartphone is not a
refurbished model.  Instead, it is
factory new brand model.

USD code to check Refurbished Android smartphone status

Hope you have been educated about refurbished phones (ie
previously used or damaged phones polished and presented to the public as if it
were to be a new phone).  Now, kindly
share the post with below share buttons to friends for avoidance of wrong
selection when buying a smartphone.

Did the code work on your own Android Phone? Just let us
know about it.

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