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How To Transfer Files Wirelessly Using Xender from PC To Your Mobile Phone Or From Phone To PC

With the help of Technology, many things are made easy, as people can now carryout things with ease and same time very fast without being stressed out.

The Amazing thing am about showing everyone now, might seems to be impossible for some people, but its working perfectly. So after the tutorial on this trend, on how to transfer file via Xender from PC to Android Mobile Phone or from Phone to PC/laptop. All will now see the magic lols.

Before, it used to be that one can only transfer files form his/her PC to mobile Phone or from mobile Phone to PC with the use of USB cable cord, and most of us taught it’s the fastest and easiest method to use when transferring file from the two gadget (PC and mobile Phone).

Nowadays, lots of developer build android and iOS apps which always go a long way in helping users in sharing or making a transfer for larger sized files or apps, may be movies, games etc in just few seconds. As we all know, record has it that, Xender is one of the most popular file sharing applications. So that means one can always download and install Xender on his/her smartphone and same time share files so easily

Xender App allow you to transfer files and folders of larger size via computer which also is the best way for file sharing pc to android phone or we say sharing files between Windows and Smartphone devices.

How To Transfer Files From PC To Android Phone Using Xender Application

==>First, Switch On your Personal Computer wireless
==>Then Run Xender App on your smartphone and click connect to PC

==>Next, Open where you see Web Address on your computer
==> Click on the Wireless button

==> Change WiFi Network in PC  To this “Xender AP7884”
==>Enter this address ( in web browser

Bravo, that’s all, as you can now share files like games, videos, PDF, music, pictures/images, themes etc with xender from your PC to mobile phones or from Android devices to PC.

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