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How to Construct A Phone Power Bank From Damaged Laptop Battery

Techbmc is happy to announce to you the new constructible tech in town. It is all about you your self constructing mobile phone power bank from spoiled, old or damaged laptop/pc batteries without help from a technician of any sort.

Be Assured that you are a technician of your own without training, even if you doubt your self on that, Today techbmc will make you beleive that you can do it on your own without undergoing training for long. Now lets fire on.

What A Power Bank May Likely Be.

Power banks from definition are External Batteries which are made from a choosen or certain capacity, for the purpose of storing electrical energy power for later purposes or use.

From this tutorial, you will learn how to construct a power bank that can be use to power and charge your smart phones, when they become flat or low, with a damaged or spoiled batteries from laptops. And note the
power bank can last for four to three days depending on how you charged it and also in using. So this tutorial will enable you, to save some money which will be use to purchase power bank for another thing probably. If only you don’t have it but desires to get it for your self.

 Power Bank Battery
Removed old battery from laptop

 Power Bank case
weld-less 18,650mAh case of power bank from ALIEXPRESS..

You might wonder and say, how possible is this tutorial because the laptop batteries in say are damaged batteries and cannot function as normal batteries like the ability of retaining power will no longer be there, if it is a damaged battery. If you are thinking so. Now let me tell you that, when your laptop battery maybe get spoilt or stops charging, it doesn’t imply that the whole battery inside the case of your laptop battery are all dead. This problem may likely be as a result of, one or two cells inside the laptop battery are dead or may also likely to be, as a fault of having broken circuit inside the laptop battery. Note inside the laptop battery we have about  six to twelve cells, so all you can do, is to select the good ones, leaving the damaged ones behind and build a power bank probably.

The Materials Required For Constructing A Power Bank are:-

==>1. A Screw Driver
==>2. A Nose Pliers
==>3. A Soldering Iron
==>4. A DIY Case of power bank from ALIEXPRESS.
==>5. A Spoilt laptop battery.
==>6. Your technical ability.

For you to get a power bank case, you have to buy based on the size and number of the spoilt or worn out laptop batteries you have with you. Also note that, the above given case in this post is for 18,650,mAh Lion. So the choice is yours, you can either go for a perfect size or you can still apply you technical ability in constructing a case for your self. Below is a case image made by a guy using his technical ability uprightly.

New Power Bank case
Simple Home made case for power bank 1

Power Bank charging device
Simple Home made case for power bank 2

==>Step 1. First, Open the laptop batteries you have with you, see the first image above. Now select and separate the battery cells inside from the good and bad.

==Step 2. Arrange the batteries cells you have inside the power bank case you constructed or bought accordingly.

==>Step 3. Now join the wires of the battery in parallel connection if not joined. That is, it has to be from positive to positive and from negative to negetive. Then time for soldering, with solder iron, just solder the wires together smoothly and make it to be in accordance.

==>Step 4. Now couple and charge it very well. That’s it. Show your friends and make money out of it…. bravo to you.

Phone power bank
Behold the complete power bank.

How to calculate the power bank capacity or milli Amp hour (mAh); Remember we made use of connection due to parallel. That is to say, the Power Bank (mAh) is gotten, by adding up the single batteries you have. ok, let’s come up with an assumption, that one Laptop Battery for example, the one we have above in this post, has 5mini batteries of 2mAh each. Now we used parallel connection so to get the total, it will be