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Amazon Now Ship And Sale To Kenya And Nigeria, Check Simplified Steps To Buy With Images.

It was a thing of joy and happiness to hear that amazon has approved to be shipping all items directly without the necessary need of third parties to most of the countries in Africa. The approval favoured Kenya and Nigeria mostly without the only need of shipping books and CDs that was before.

As it stands now, most of the people finds it  very difficult to find there way on amazon website to get hold of the things they needed to buy and ship. May be, because they are not familiar with amazon site when you talk of searching and locating their favourable and desired goods to buy. Many who don’t know how the system operate usually end up not being interested at all. Unless they get a guide that will sagaciously see them through, if not, is a no go area for them. I believe you don’t have to blame them for that because, nobody likes taking risk nowadays. All loves and enjoy easy access to things now.

Amazon shipping items

The guide to get you accustomed to amazon
shipping and buying of goods is made easy by me here, for i will show it in a simplified procedures in order for all to understand it and in return purchase items from Amazon.com.

Take note, not all products for now have been added for shipping in  Nigeria and other countries that gained the approval. And to check and see the goods or items ready for Nigeria, Kenya and some other countries, ( see the step 4) below

My Easy Simplified Steps To Search, Buy and Ship From Amazon To Nigeria, as well as Kenya are as follows:-

==>Step 1. First thing, is to Sign Up:
For you to have access, you really have to sign up for an Account if you know you don’t have one already.

==>Step 2. Add or Edit Address Details.
After sign up, goto your account and fill in your shipping informations. To do so, Go under the settings and then you click on Manage Address Book. Type in your datails correctly and in accordance.

==>Step 3. Searching for A product:
Use the search box at the top of the website(Amazon) and search for the item or product you intend to purchase.


==>Step 4. To Refine Your Search:
After your searching on the items you wish to buy, just by the left side of the screen you are using, under Refine by you are going to see INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Then tick to Nigeria or Kenya. Same method works for any other country when you want to ship. Below is the screen shot for it.


To see product available for free shipping, just tick the free international shipping option and products that are available for free shipping will be listed for you.

==>Step 5. Adding Product To Cart
The search you made will be filtered inorder to display goods and products in line with your query at that moment. That is, those products that are eligible for shipping to Kenya, Nigeria or whichever country you selected. Now click on the items or products you wish to purchase to add them to Cart.

add prioducts to cart Amazon

==>Step 6. Click on View Cart:
you can proceed to another of their product to shop again and when you are done, On the top right coner of your device screen just click on view cart. And choose check out.

View Amazon cart
My cart

==>Step 7. Choose Shipping Address:
Now select or choose ship to this address or you can choose your preferred shipping address from the list listed for you, if eventually you have more than one  address

==>Step 8. Select/choose a Delivery Option:
Here you choose a delivery option and click continue. By so doing, it will now determine the importation fee and that of the shipping charges for the product you intend to buy from them. Note you are recommended to choose Amazonglobal priority shipping.

Amazon Delivery Option

==>Step 9. You are Almost Done Just Select The Payment Method:
For payment you can always use your credit cards which are Visa or Master card etc.  All you will be required to do, is to enter your name written on whichever credit card you have and that of your card number and by so doing, the card type will automatically display.

Amazon Payment Method

==>Step10. Time To Review Your Order:
An Order review page will be shown, where you can check if everything is in order and after then, you click on (Place Your Order in NGN)

Amazon Orders

You are now done with the buying. Now you have to relax and wait for the product you ordered for, to arrive within the space of 2 to 7 days. That’s all, enjoy your shopping with Amazon.

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