Expert Guide on How to switch - Transfer from Android OS to iPhone iOS Without Data Loss

Do you wish to transfer or switch from your Mobile Android Operating System to an Apple iPhone devices? Then, here comes simplified steps to get that done without having the issue of data loss or even losing your mind because of wrong process. In this post, we have outlined basic and expert steps on how to move applications, contacts, calendar, videos, music and photos/images etc from your Android smartphone to an iPhone iOS device, with the use of Apple's Move To iOS application and some other alternative method you may wish to send the files to the other brand manufactured device.

How to transfer from Android to iPhone device is quite simple and easy if you can meticulously follow our steps the way they are arranged. That’s by the way.  So if you must have carried out the switching from Android to iOS already or about to, you might be concerned about getting all your data transferred successfully without having any error problem. That is to say, you are at the right place and at the right time for that, so read on while we guide you through to success process.

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Having your contacts and the rest transferred from your Android mobile phone to iPhone device isn’t that easy and simpler, but kudos to Google for their magnificent idea and findings regarding to making this successful.

The main basic principal regarding to carrying out this transfer, is backing up your data either to cloud or to a desktop machine, and then sync to the new mobile device. Also, Apple company, did well by launching an Android app specifically for carrying out this process. So one can still go through it for guide.

Transfer files data from Android phone to iphone device free

Apple company rolled out its new feature of Move to iOS App on its iOS 9 first, and this feature enables users wirelessly transfer or send message history, contacts, web bookmarks, wallpaper, phone camera photos, videos, DRM-free songs, books and calendars etc. Just from their old Android phone down to their new iPhone device. This feature is also available for those using iOS 10 and iOS 11.
Move from Android to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
During the transfer process, the app will notify you based on some free apps that were on your Android which are presently available on Apple’s App Store. Thereby helping you to quickly access and get all you need from your previous Android smart phone to the new iPhone device. Also, most of your paid apps which you owned on the Android device and also available for the iOS version which you are migrating to, will be added to your wish list in the Apple App Store.

After completing the process, the Android app will prompt the user to recycle its Android phone so as to have the device do what only Android developers knows about. They said it’s for environmental friendly reasons, and some people regard it to be ‘’making such user not to find it easy going back”. Well that’s by the way.

For more details from Apple manufacturers, regarding to the developed Move to iOS app, you can refer here for that. Also, the app is currently available on Android Google Play Store. One thing about the app is that, you get to move your data or files from Android to iPhone device so easily and faster. There are also alternative ways in which you can still get this kind of work done.

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Transferring contacts from Android to iOS is very simply and straight forward. We have outlined two different ways in which you can get that done below. Meanwhile, if you have been using Android phone and Google accounts, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google play etc. on your Android phone. Basically, your contacts get saved on that very Google accounts you always login with via the pre-installed Google apps. Which helps to back up your contacts for you and retrieve when needed through restoring phone back up.

>> Now ensure to set your phone backup active so as to enable it perform device contents or file storing. To set up your Android phone backup, navigate to your Android phone settings via Phone Menu, and then select and click on "Accounts and Sync"

>> Next, type in your Gmail account details and enable/allow synchronization. And after that, your phone contacts and Google contacts would synchronize.

>> After the above step, now with the new or old iPhone you bought just unlock it and open the settings app, search and click where you see Mail, contacts, calendars and type in your Gmail account. Ensure Contacts are enabled for the account you are using. Now check your contact list, you will find out that all your contacts have been sent to your iPhone.

Ensuring that this process works perfectly well in future, you should also consider applying and doing the following on your iPhone after following the above steps, and also on your Android device before making the move:

>> First of all, go to settings application on your iPhone device.
>> Choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
>> Tap on Add Accounts from there.
>> Then select Other.
>> Choose Add CardDAV Account.
>> A form will display, just fill in the necessary required information associated to your accounts just as below;
>> For server: Enter ""
>> For User Name: type in your full Google Account or Google Apps email address.

>> For Password: Enter your Google Account or that of Google Apps password. (if you have enabled the 2 step verification, then you will need to generate and type in an application-specific password.)

>> For Description: here you enter the description of your account (such as Personal Contacts).
>> Now from the top of your device screen, select Next button.
>> Ensure that the "Contacts" option is switched/set ON.

After the completion of the setup process, now from your device, open the contacts app and immediately, your iPhone and Google will start syncing automatically. So having done this, anytime you setup any smartphone, Google should hold the key to all the contacts.

This particular Swap SIMs, works only if your Android phone takes the same sizes of SIM as your new or old iPhone. Although, you can as well cut down the larger shaped SIM to fit in your iPhone. But any mistake done, all your contacts are gone.

>> First thing to do, is to save the contacts presently stored in your Android device to its SIM. Next, remove the SIM from your Android and insert in to the iPhone SIM port. Now finally, go to Settings and select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" then click on "Import SIM Contacts". After the contact importation, just do well to remove the SIM and replace it with the original iPhone's SIM card. 

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How To Transfer application From Android To iPhone:
For now, no feature is available for this kind of import. But if you want to use your Android apps right in your iPhone device, then you need to buy those apps again, may be in iOS version from App Store, if they are not free to download from. There is nothing to be afraid of, if you are wondering if you can still get such apps in App store. Well, the good news is that you can actually get all apps in android Google pay store in Apple app Store too.  

Just go to App store with your new iPhone and create an Apple ID accounts which will enable you search those apps you wish to use on the device.

These days, getting your photos and videos transferred from one phone to another is quite easy, fast and simple, just with the help of some sharing applications. Getting your photos and videos from Android device, shared to an iPhone can be carried out by just installing a data transferring or sharing apps such as Copy My Data and PhotoSync. We recommended these two apps to you, because you can actually get the both from Google play store, that is for your Android and from App store, for your iPhone device. All you need to do, is to download and install any of the apps on both phones, then open the apps and get your files mentioned above, shared or copied between the two handset.

Another way to move your photos and videos from Android to iPhone is through a computer/laptop with the help of iTunes. So in this aspect of sharing, all you got to do is to find the photos and videos presently in your Android smartphone using a computer. After locating the folders, they are stored in your Android phone with the computer, just move them to the computer’s folder and then sync to iTunes, after then, go ahead and sync the new iPhone with iTunes. Similar process works for music transfer.

This is very equivalent to the step we used above for photo and video sharing. With your PC or Mac, just get the music files copied from your Android to the system. Then transfer the files into iTunes, thereby syncing your iPhone later.
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