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    How to Display/Enable Hidden Menus On Your Android Mobile Phone

    Here are basic steps to open up your Android advanced hidden menus without much work to do. Some newly manufactured Android phones came with hidden menus. So for you to get access to those hidden menus and features, you have to do something very simple.  It’s unlike our previous post you use code to detect refurbished Android via RTN. This tutorial doesn’t involve dialing any sort of ussd or phone code, but just to install a custom launcher on your android device.  Read on to get this done on your android.

    The work or function of Launcher on your android device is to enable any hidden menus by creating a shortcut on your home-screen in which you can click to access those hidden features/menus. Like I said above, you need to download and install an app which will enable the activities option on your android shortcut creator. Before then, below are the requirements to get this set up activated on your device.

    how to enable hidden menus on an android smart phones free

    >> Android Mobile Phone (This process is tested on Version 2.0 and above)
    >> You also need a custom Home-screen launcher, (recommending free Launcher Pro)
    >> You can as well try using other launcher pro alternative, like ADW Launcher and others which can install on your own version of Android. But below guide is basically for Launcher pro and can be applied on other launcher applications too.

    First Step:
    • The very first thing to do is to navigate to your Android home-screen through the custom launcher app and then long click on an empty spot.
    • Next, you will get to see “Add to Home screen” then click Shortcuts.
    • This same procedure works for ADW launcher, but to have it, but the process is changed to Custom Shortcut > Pick your activity > Activities
    • Now, hold and press the home screen for few seconds and use the shortcuts menus.
    enable hidden menu android 1

    hidden menu android code 2

    Second Step:
    • On the next menu, ensure to select Activities. * After that, it will take you to a black screen displaying a list of phone activities. Now, slide down to whichever activity that has “hiddenmenu” as the name. (For example, using Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G, the name was given com.android.hiddenmenu).
    • Click on that label with hiddebmenu and you will get to see almost all the hidden menus on your android device. So having shown the list of the hidden menus, you can now from there access any you want.
    • Go ahead and use the activities menufrom activities to select the hidden menu category.
    how to enable hidden menus on an android phone 3

    show hide menu item android 4

    That’s all for the guide. Hope you can now access some of the hidden menus on your Android mobile phones without difficulty using launcher pro? I believe from now hence forth; you can now add some of your phone hidden menus on your home screen to serve as shortcut to any feature or function you want to utilize at the moment.

    hidden menu android kitkat 5

    hidden menu android lollipop 6

    Tell us, have you enabled your Android hidden menus with launcher pro before and how did it work? Share with us your success in having the above guide work for you. Also, ask question where you don’t comprehend on this tutorial. Don’t forget to share in order to reach others looking for such tutorial. Thanks.

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