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Without Password – See How To Factory Reset Any iphone device

Do you make use of an iPhone device, and maybe mistakenly you misplaced or forgot the password for such device, and as a result of that, making use of factory reset settings has been a no go area due to the lost of its password. If that has been the case for you then, you need not to worry again because, from this tutorial you will be learning how to factory set your iPhone device without knowing the pin or password.

Follow the below steps accurately in order to get your iPhone device to its standard mode with the use of factory reset settings.

There are some basic requirements you need to take note of before achieving the aim of this post, and they are as follows;

*You need pc with itunes installed on it
*Click here to download the Itunes.
*You need a portable usb cord

Note: This method of factory reset without the password works for all iphone, ipad and ipod devices.
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Below are Steps to reset iphone to its factory settings
1. You need to switch off your iphone device first, to do that hold the button located at the top of the phone then slide to turn it off.

2. Next, Nevigate to the PC you are using and launch the itunes which you are using for this operation. Now make sure your usb is plugged into the pc

Note: Before plugging the USB cord to your phone, ensure you hold the home button in front of the iphone, as this would enable the pc get the recovery mode of the iphone device immediately.

3. After the above step, your PC will be showing you the connect to itunes screen, when that is shown, then you can realese the home button in which you are holding earlier. When that is done, you will see exactly what the below image is showing on your PC.

4. At this stage, click on restore showing on the pc in other to proceed

5. The system will start extracting the software, which can be seen on the PC screen showing the progress bar.

6.  Now after the extraction process, you will see an apple logo on your iphone, which will begin the process of reinstalling a new one

7. Finally, if the installation process finishes, go ahead and start up the phone and enjoy the new features as set up by the factory mode. You can now safely unplug the USB cord.

That’s all for that, hope the guide was helpful, do others the favour by sharing this post. Thanks.