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How to Find Wi-Fi Passwords in iOS and Android Phones

Getting our mobile
device connected to the net is something will do almost every day. And for we to
get our smartphone’s apps connected for browsing the internet, we probably need
to have data or a shared WiFi connection on the smartphone. This Wi-Fi internet
connection can be protected from unauthorized users; So that is to say, most owners
of WiFi router tends to lock their WiFi network connection with a strong
password, thereby making the connection not to be available for public use. Yes,
that is great, but one day, you may need to connect a new device, may be your
Android or an iOS device to your WiFi network but couldn’t recall the WiFi
passwords, or you need to share the WiFi passwords but don’t know how to access
it in your mobile smart device.

Just relax because
you are at the right solution center for what you are searching for. So this
tutorial is crafted out to see you through on how to find Wi-Fi passwords in all your smartphones, be it Android
such as Samsung, Gionee, Tecno, Infinix, Alcatel, Solo, etc and iOS devices;
iPhone, iPads and iPods. Previously, we treated how to find wifi passwords in MacOS PC and windows systems, and to have it, every set up and tips which were
outlined in the post were all successful to those that followed it up. So don’t
neglect to follow this one up because it has been tested and finalized working.

The tutorial is
based on two different mobile operating systems, which we all are conversant with.
That is Android and Apple iOS smartphones.
Starting with Android

how to get wifi password

How to find Forgotten WiFi passwords in
Android Phones
Getting to
locate or unveil already saved Wifi passwords in an Android device is quite
difficult, as you need to access a folder saved in its root directory, which doesn’t
allow or give access to users. But in this case, you need to get elevated to
administrator privileges in other to be able to access the folder for the wifi
passwords. Below is how to go about that on your android devices.

First of all,
you need to get your android rooted so as to access such folder with root
directory. Ones your phone is rooted, you will be able to access and see the
saved Wi-Fi passwords for free.

Now, it is
assumed that your Android device is rooted. And to locate the wifi password
inside your mobile phone, you need to use either a file manager, for example: Solid Explorer to manually search for the WiFi passwords, or you can go by using
a powerful dedicated app to have all the passwords extracted automatically. So
in other words, I recommend you to use a third-party app because it is more
intuitive and easier to use for managing and sharing your Wi-Fi passwords.

To cut the long
story short, I recommend you use Wifi Password Show app. The app is free to use. All you need to do, is to download
and install it on your rooted android device. After that, launch the app, and
you will get to see the list of all saved WiFi passwords along with their SSID. Now copy the listed data and get
your Android device connected to Wifi network. You can even share the listed
data either by SMS or via Email messaging, the choice is yours.
Find Wi-Fi Passwords in iOS and Android Phones
should in case you wish to move your saved WiFi passwords from one device to
another, then you are not required to root your device. This is because, Google
automatically back up your stored Wifi passwords in its servers and with other
important data(s).

So, it is rest
assured that your passwords are backed up by Google if you enabled backup on
your Android settings. Now log in to your Google
using another Android device, and after that, all your WiFi
networks information will automatically get synced in that new Android phone
you logged your account with. That’s all for Android phones.
How to find WiFi Passwords in iOS
Devices (iPhone, iPads and iPods)
This is very similar
to Android as explained above. iOS doesn’t allow user to see wifi passwords
unless they jailbreak the device. Now to get your wifi passwords in a
jailbroken iOS device, simply search “see
WiFi passwords”
on Cydia and
immediately, you will get to see multiple
that reveal Wifi passwords.

for those with non-jailbroken iOS devices, in other to get the solution regarding
to finding your WiFi passwords, you need to get a MacOS device so as to enable
the trick work out very well. So, it’s just like backing up your device as
explained above for Android users. All you need to do, is to enable iCloud Keychain; that is handy in syncing
your passwords presently saved in your Apple devices, including that of WiFi

how to enable iCloud Keychain iOS iPhone iPad

So ones you enable
iCloud Keychain in your iOS device, all your passwords will be automatically
synced with your Mac device. And you will get to see and use them.

That’s all for
finding Saved WiFi passwords on both Android and iOS smartphones without hacking.
So enjoy and teach your friends as well. And don’t hesitate to share this post
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