How to Find WiFi Passwords in PC MacOS And Windows Systems

Have you been in a situation whereby you need to share your Wi-Fi connection to your other devices, just from your system, it may be from your PC MacOS or from Windows PC to your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices and vice versa. But couldn't remember the password to your Wi-Fi hot-spot anymore. Although, already the password has been entered and saved in your computer before. If that has been the case, then this is how to find or discover such password from your system and get it connected to your newly or old devices.

 In this post, I have explained how to find or retrieve your forgotten Wifi password saved in your Desktop or laptop computers, be it (windows 10, 8, 7 etc & on Mac Operating Systems) . So you can easily connect to all the wifi networks saved on your PC after going through this tutorial.

How to find wifi security password on MacOS & Windows PC

How to Find Wifi Passwords on Windows Systems.
Finding wifi hotspots passwords on Windows involves two different methods. So, you will choose either the first method or second from below, in other to get your Wi-Fi security password recovered on your PC. The two different ways are:

>1. Through Command Prompt commands.
>2. Using a dedicated third-party tool.

First Method:
1). Which is finding Wi-Fi passwords with Command Prompt. 
> Now on your PC keyboard, press Windows + R keys and type cmd in the Run dialog in other to open the Command Prompt window.
> Next, run the below given command:

netsh wlan show profiles

Doing this will display the list of all the saved WiFi SSIDs in your Windows PC. So from this list, you will get to find the Wi-Fi password for the respective SSID by using the next command.

> From here, enter the below mentioned command and ensure to replace Wi-Fi SSID section using the exact WiFi SSID in which you wish to unveil its password.

netsh wlan show profile name=WiFi SSID key=clear

> After the replacement of Wi-Fi SSID with the Wi-Fi you want to find its password detail with from above, then you will get to see loads of information about the respective Wi-Fi connection. And you should see the Wi-Fi password written next to key content section.
find wifi password with CMD PC free

Second Method:

2). How to Find WiFi passwords with a third-party tool
This particular method of finding your Wi-Fi password is very easy and fast when using a third party tool. This third party tool will show you all the passwords and SSIDs in a single interface without having you do much operation.

So for the purpose of that, I am recommending a special Nirsoft utility –WirelessKeyView, for this operation. The software is free and very easy to use.

Now download and install the WirelessKeyView app to your PC Windows system, then launch. After opening the app, you will get to see all the passwords and SSID saved in your computer. You can now copy the data and get your other device connected with it.

How to find MacOS Wi-Fi passwords.

Getting to access Wi-Fi passwords in MacOS PC is easy too', as all you need to do in other to view the security codes, is to login with an administrator account with the username and password for the account.

It’s assumed you have the username and password to the administrator mode, then below is steps on how to access saved WiFi passwords on your Mac:

>1. The passwords are stored in the Keychain Access app, now open it from your device's Applications located in Utilities folder.

>2. From the step, choose system from the left-hand panel and choose Passwords in the Category section.
>3. Now you should see a list of saved WiFi networks and along with their respective SSID.
>4. From here, to reveal the password of any network, just double click on it.
>5. Ones the options for that specific network shows up, just check the checkbox next, in other to display password and authenticate by entering the username and password of the current user account in which you logged in with previously. And after a successful authentication, the password to that network will be revealed.
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That's all for this tutorial. But you should know that there are other several ways of discovering saved WiFi passwords in your iOS and Windows computers. And these ones mentioned above are simply the easiest so far. However, if you have any method in displaying Wi-Fi password different from above guides, you can kindly share with us using the comment box below. Thank you.
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