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Expect 5G, 8K TVs, VR, Electric Cars & More From CES 2019

The CES exhibition is one of the largest technological events around the world that attracts many enthusiasts every year. This year, CES 2019 will be held in Las Vegas on an annual basis just days after the New Year’s Eve. The launch date is due at the beginning of the year to familiarize technology enthusiasts with market trends in a year ahead.

CES 2019 Technology

The CES 2019 showcase this year, which will be held January 8-11, from 18 to 21 December, hosts 4,500 exhibitors and will visit approximately 180,000 exhibitors.

5G Network: the biggest issue is CES 2019

The fifth generation of the 5G communications network is one of the hottest and most important technologies in the world, with many companies trying to enter it. Even recently, we are seeing the news that the smartphone is equipped with 5G. On the other hand, major mobile operators in the US have announced that they will be able to support 5G in 2019.
So, the CES 2019 will be very likely to focus on the 5G issue. We expect to see news about the 5G equipment in this exhibition. More than any other company, we expect Intel and Qualcomm to come out on the 5G.

5G network 2019

We expect Qualcomm to introduce methods at CES 2019 that will use 5G to use more than our imagination, the Internet of Things, the smartphone, and so on.

Smart House; the second ruler of CES 2019

The second most interesting issue at CES 2019 is smart home products. We anticipate the launch of intelligent door locks, smart smartphones, smartwatches, wall clocks and various types of smart home products at this year’s fair in smart home area.

smart house 2019

Although there are many companies that are active in smart home products, we expect more Amazon and Google to attract attention than any other company. We expect the Alexa Audio Assistant and Google Assistant to sync with a large number of devices at the CES 2019 Expo.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

One of the most important events at CES 2019 is virtual reality. We expect the fair to be able to unveil less expensive virtual reality headsets than before.

Of course, you should know that most large companies prefer to be interested in the realm of reality rather than in the virtual reality market. Most of these companies have focused on the use of augmented reality capabilities on their phones and their tablets, including development kits such as ARKit and ARCore.

Despite all this, we expect the CES 2019 showcase some interesting news about AR-based smartphones and headphones.

The world of electric cars and cars

For years, the car segment has a bigger role in the CES show. For this year, we’ve already seen rumors about car treads at the CES 2019 show. So, we expect the new electric car, the technologies of self-propelled vehicles and transport robots to be unveiled at the fair. Obviously, the augmented reality in this area will be the point of reference for the CES 2019 show.

world electric cars 2019

8K TVs

New year and new quality for TVs is on the way. This year’s CES 2019 showcases the main focus of the television sector at 8K. As you know, 4K delivers great quality, so the 8K quality is really great.

Smartphone; part of the charm of the CES 2019 exhibition

In recent years, major smartphone companies such as Samsung, Apple and Huawei have preferred to nominate their best handsets and flagships on a proprietary and preset event. Aside from the specific events of each company, the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona will also be held annually, focusing on the field of smartphones. Nevertheless, we do not expect the announcement of an attractive phone at the CES 2019.

Smartphones 2019

Of course, some of their 5G smartphone companies will be able to unveil this show. Meanwhile, it is said that the exhibition witnessed a close look at the phone flex the foot , the pliancy world phone that was unveiled about a month ago, we. In addition, some companies are expected to uncover the concept of stylish handsets at the show.