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How to Extract Data from Scanned Slides

Scanned documents are often used in daily works. Many documents have been initially saved or made in a paper form, and when needed they are scanned and moved to a computer. Scanning files is a common thing, especially when you lose an electronic version of it. Also, in some situations you don’t even have other versions of the file, only paper.

That being said, you probably have at least one scanned file on your computer. Usually, those files are saved in PDF form. Scanned PDFs can be a nightmare if you don’t have an OCR tool that can extract data from scanned image. A PDF that is a result of scanning a file with a scanner, can be very difficult to edit.

The content inside of a scanned PDF is trapped in an image. If you convert such file to any other editable format, you will receive a file in different format, but you will still be unable to edit it.

OCR Tools for Successful Scanned PDF Conversion

When you need to convert a scanned PDF file, it is important to find a PDF conversion tool that converts scanned documents. OCR technology is necessary to accomplish that kind of conversion. Not all PDF tools have that technology, but it is usually clear if they have it or not.

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One such OCR tool is called Free Online PDF Converter, and it converts both scanned and native PDFs. There is no limit on the PDF file size and the conversion speed usually depends on your internet speed as well as the size of that PDF. The tool has four different options, so you can convert PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT or to create a PDF from any file application.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

Visit this page and upload a PDF file from your computer. When you click on the PDF file, the next step is to click the Open button and the file will be uploaded.

Then, type your email address and click on the Start button.

convert pdf and send emailThe link to the converted file will be sent to your mailbox. You have 24 hours to download a file because after that period, the file is deleted from the servers.

Once you save a file to your computer, you can open it in PowerPoint or any other alternative and edit it.

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PowerPoint presentations are used in business world, no matter what industry. Every kind of business involves seminars, public speeches, meetings and in such cases, presentations are necessary. So next time when you need to make a presentation, don’t forget about this tool, you may need to reuse or edit old PDF slides.