Behold 10 Best Latest Windows 10 PC Disk Space Analyzers with Usage Settings

Are you using windows 10 operating System on your Personal Computer and experiencing low storage space on the system? Below are the latest Best Disk Space Analyzer for such Windows OS. You can use these below 10 Free Disk Space Analyzer Tools, for better analyzing and freeing up your memory storage. So in other words, following the guide below will enhance a better use of your device’s storage regarding to usages of improved media files, software and games etc, developed with massive sizes for Desktop, laptop or PC systems, which are meant to run on windows 10. The process gets your applications installed without having issue of low storage error.

For some of us with systems embedded with massive hard drive in size, a time will come when the storage space will be crying for cleanup or free up due to low space of storage. Then will you be required to delete some data or have some big files in the PC’s hard drive moved to an external hard drive. So the best tool that can help you manage the data and big files on windows 10 are Disk Space Analyzer Software Tools. Now read on to get your windows pc freed up or stopped from displaying low memory space on its status. 

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10 Free Disk Space Analyzer Tools For Windows And How To Use Them On PC

1. DiskSavvy:
Disksavvy software is an advanced tool that can help you analyze your PC disk with very useful and nice customization options. It has free versions and paid versions for anybody who wants to use. The free version is more than enough for regular users, but if you wish to scan TBs of data, and as well need to use many other advanced features in the application like network drive support or even command line support, then you got to upgrade to the paid versions which isn’t free.

Disksavvy displays data with their different sizes, the app has a special filter section that let you locate data with nice and handy categories. Some of the categories include; creation time, by extension, accessed time, modification time, user as well name few more. The app has pie and bar charts as well, so you can get to use any of the features for better storage space free up service.  

Takeaway services in DiskSavvy App
  • Comprehensive filtering system.
  • Plugin support.
  • See top 100 large files.

2. GetFoldersize:
This particular disk analyzer tool called GetFoldersize, shows the sizes of folder located in the hard drive of your PC. It displays folders consuming a lot of spaces and provides options and great features to manage such folders. The software is free to download from.

In the application you are not limited only to folders panel, there is still another panel that lets you display and see some files inside the selected folder. You can as well filter the results of both panel by entering the name of the files/folders or file extension. The software can as well scan network drives and have the data inside it listed. The only little issue with this software is that it’s very slow when compared to other disk analyzers listed in this post.

The analyzer also has fixed view in GBs, MBs or KBs, so it’s kind of hard to track the exact size of any big or small files/folders. There are many other features to explore when you get the app installed on your system.

Takeaway services in GetFoldersize Software
  • You can filter the results.
  • The software is able to scan network drives.
  • Makes it easy to differentiate between files and folders.

3. SpaceSniffer
Spacesniffer disk analyzer is a software with an interactive interface which enable users to differentiate between files/folders and other installable programs on your PC. Its touch of animation makes program work efficiently by pinpointing data very easily.  

The data scanned out by this software are shown with the name of the file or folder written on it. To dig deeper and manage the large files, just double-click on each of the title. You can as well export data to a file and also have the external storage device scanned. Another feature which shows you all you need to know about the details of a selected drive can be accessed when you click on the “More detail” option.

Takeaway services in SpaceSniffer software
  • You can easily dig deeper into folders.
  • Able to Scan external storage devices.
  • Offers great visual representation with animations.

4. HDGraph
Hdgraph analyzing is another great disk analyzing tool for your windows systems. It analyzes more of animations by displaying a circular chart drawing showing largest data or big files in the middle of the bar.  And from the outwards, it shows data inside each folders. For further findings regarding to your files or data in its sections, just double-click on each section.

Takeaway service in HDGraph software
  • It has an Interactive chart.
  • It shows all in-depth information right on the chart bar drawings

5. WinDirStat
Windirstat has been one of the most reliable tool for disk analyzing till date. The software is very fast in analyzing files and data in your PC hard disk space. It has about 3 default panels that displays information or details about your laptop hard disk space.

Takeaway services by WinDirStat software
  • It shows treemap.
  • Built-in cleanup options.
  • Easy to pinpoint file types and their size.

6. TreeSize
TreeSize software is developed into paid and free versions, the software works very well in terms of quick and simple analyzing. This tool can be of great advantage to those that doesn’t like charts, tiles, or treemaps. The free version of treeSize is very useful if you can’t go for the paid versions.

The tool displays all the folders and files located in your PC drive, showing their sizes from big files to small ones. Now, detect the major file causing your windows to be out of memory space and do something about it.

The TreeSize paid version or professional versions go a long way to give you a proper illustration regarding to data scanned. It shows duplicate files, and can as well scan network drives and servers. There are many other features to explore in the tool.

Takeaway service by TreeSize Software
  • The app shows data in GBs or percentage.
  • It is very easy to use with simple interface.
  • Displays great illustration features in the paid version.

7. JDiskReport
JDiskReport shows all data scanned from the PC in a simple and understandable pie chart, displaying both the folder and its size orderly. The software has a section that shows a helpful top 50 large files in any section you select from the app. The app gives you so many information that any other free software analyzer can’t display unless it is paid version.

Takeaway service by JDiskReport tool
  • Get to see Interactive interface.
  • Display top 50 large files.
  • Displays Understandable pie charts.
  • Built-in themes to change UI look. 

8. WizTree
Wiztree shows scanned data in GBs and formats from large files to small files. Very fast in operation; it shows the total items, total files, last modified date and percentage size. It has a special File View section that displays files in a specific area. Download the software below and access many more features in it.

Takeaway services in WizTree Software
  • Very fast processing.
  • Handy File view section.
  • Show extensive details about the data.

9. TweakNow Diskanalyzer
TweakNow Diskanalyzer provides to 2 main sections called General and Summary. The first which is the general section displays all the data scanned with file/folder size. While the Summary section is where users can do all management regarding to the scanned files/data.

Takeaway services by TweakNow Diskanalyzer software
  • Access the top 20 biggest files.
  • Find out unused files and folders.
  • Delete unwanted files

10. FolderSizes
Foldersizes is actually a paid analyzer tool with a 14-day trial version. It is currently ($60 per license) and is regarded as one of the best tools for analyzing your device storage. The software does a complete analyzing service; as it shows hidden files, scan filters, give disk reports, and many more in an understandable bar chart or pie chart and even in treemap representation support. The software provides you with highly customizable search feature, as you can check usage trend and make over 15 filters to search files in your Desktop or PC devices.

There are other features that let you hover your PC mouse cursor over a folder in other to display required details for tweaking at that moment. It is very fast in scanning and getting all large files and small data listed for user to manage.

Takeaway services by FolderSizes software
  • Can scan data in network drives and servers.
  • Shows extensive details about files/folders.
  • Customizable search feature.
  • Multiple representations of data.
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