5 Major Ways to Avoid Virus Attacks On Smart Android Device

Virus remains dangerous to your Android smartphones and other brands of phones, if not prevented or taken care of on time. The word virus is basically adopted from medical and as well used in computer technology world. It is regarded as any malicious software that can harm computers in the world of technology. And if not well taken care of, can destroy and damage your mobile device without you having knowledge about it. In this post, I have crafted 5 basic ways in which you can avoid any malicious virus attack on your smart Android phones. Read on to get the tips activated on your mobile device.

It may interest you to know that Malwares are grouped into different types and they include: Viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans, ransomware and worms. These programs can easily cause damages to your devices if not taken care of or avoided on time. Some of the ways your mobile phone or tablets gets infected by malwares can be through downloading doggy applications, via Emails, text messages, and through Bluetooth connections.
Now this is how the different malwares operate: Starting with virus & worms, they both spread from an infected phone to another phone thereby causing harm to the phone.  It can infect another phone through connection sharing, sending different files and apps. And for adware, it publishes adverts on your mobile screen prompting or luring you to click. And when clicked, your device gets infected. Now, for spyware, this particular type of malware tracks the activities on your smartphone, thereby gathering sensitive data from your device without you knowing

Like some may ask, how do I notice that virus has eaten deep into my device? What are the symptoms of virus on Android phones and iPhones? Well, you get to know that when your smartphone is malfunctioning, seriously having data loss, Racked-Up Phone Bills, Data Plan Spikes, Battery Drain, Performance Clogging, Dropped Calls and Disruptions, Unusual internet connections, power off on its own, displaying unknown apps, pop up ads showing, Overheating of the phone with poor performance etc.
Ways to Avoid Virus Attacks On Smart Android Device

Below Are 5 Major Ways to Avoid or Protect Your Android Phones From Virus Attacks

1. Ensure to install applications from Google Play Store only to your Android device. Don't install apps to your device from an unknown source, that is third party app stores. Google play store only allow free virus apps and games to be uploaded there, so they are not harmful to your device since they are gotten from trusted parties then added to play store. Avoid virus totally by running away from downloading apps from unknown sources.

2. Ensure to Avoid virus scanners:
Anything called Virus scanners, bug scanners, and any sort of security apps intend to serve as virus detector, you should avoid using on your Android device. As those scanners could contain malicious code without the user knowing. These apps don’t remove virus; all they do is to scan that same thing which everyone using android device know. Keep saying app is not trusted and many other things that is not near the solution to what you seek. All the do is to consume the space and drain up your phone battery. So avoid totally for your device safety.

3. Avoid Clicking on pop up-ads while browsing the internet using your phone, as some contains malicious links that could force you to install virus software when clicked.  Also, keep your phone safe by avoiding to click on some unverified links which may be found in unknown emails, text messages, messages on social media chat apps like, whatsapp messages, Skype chats, Telegram messages, facebook messages etc. Verify if a link is safe before clicking on it, even if the links are coming from your contacts, people you trusted.

4. Ensure to Keep your Android device protected: Is not all about protecting your device from inside, also outside of it matters a lot. You should keep your device off from people who can infect virus in to it by misusage. You should initiate the usage of security pass-codes, pin, pattern, fingerprint scanner or even face lock Security just to lock out unauthorized third party penetration or access to the device. 

5. Always Go manufacturer and Keep your operating system updated with frequent backups in order to keep your device free from virus. And if you must use any antivirus security app, then go for premium paid ones.  Below are good anti-virus programs you can install on your device to scan and clean dangerous viruses.They are Avast, Kaspersky and AVG.

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