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    Get Free MTN 150MB With N0.00 Rocking Hot On PC And Android Devices

    This 150mb is the hottest in town working on Android and Pc For free of charge. Downloading fast like what i don't know. I think there should be no much talk on this particular one. Just get your simple server ready and get it blaze like jet. Follow the steps accurately and get your self smiling for the whole day.

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    How To Get The 150MB For Free.
    ==>With your MTN SIM, go to your message and text D to 5900

    you will receive a message saying:
    Yello, Your MTN Music+ login password is 892F5r. Please Keep Safe for later use.Click http://musicplus.mtnonline.com/?m=8PU0V9Z7U64gGMHJ&c=1 to start your music journey.

    After that proceed to the below settings;

    ==>Download Simple server Here
    ==>Goto your Access point settings and create a new one with below:
    ==> Name:- MTN NG,
    ==>APN:- web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
    ==>Proxy port:- 8080
    the save it and goto your Simple server and set it up with below:

    ==>Listen port = 8080
    ==>Mark enable proxy box
    ==>proxy host =
    ==>proxy port = 8080
    ==>Enable injection box
    ==>Injection method = get
    ==>Injection query/url = http://musicplus.mtnonline.com
    ==>Injection host = musicplus.mtnonline.com
    ==>Injection line = press enter 4 times
    ==>buffer size = 8092
    ==>log level = debug

    To Power All Apps With It  USE Auto proxy settings  below;

    Download Auto-proxy or proxy droid here
    And set it up with the below settings:

    =>Open your Auto-proxy or Proxy Droid and configure
    Port: 8080
    ==>Finally, Turn ON proxydroid and minimize it.
    And then continue your browsing as it powers all apps.

    Simple server Set up For  PC Users

     Configure with below settings:

    LHOST = ‘’
    IMETHOD = 1
    ISPLIT = 0
    RHTTP = 0
    TIMEOUT = 60
    PHOST = ‘’
    RQUERY = ”
    RPATH = 0
    PTYPE = 0
    KEEP = ”
    BQUERY = ”
    MQUERY = ”
    RHTTPS = 1
    PPORT = 8080
    LPORT = 8080
    VALHDR0 = ‘musicplus.mtnonline.com’
    VALHDR1 = ”
    VALHDR2 = ”
    VALHDR3 = ”
    IQUERY = ‘musicplus.mtnonline.com’
    ADMODE = 0
    CQUERY = ”
    CUSHDR2 = ”
    CUSHDR3 = ”
    CUSHDR0 = ‘Host’
    CUSHDR1 = ”
    ILINE = 0
    FQUERY = ”
    SBUFF = 1024
    RPORT = 0

     ==>Goto any of your browser and set it as follows:
    ==>port: 8080
    MTN free internet browsing

    NOTE: After exhausting the 150mb, just goto your message again and text STOP to 5900.
    And wait for some minutes,  and then text D to 5900, you will be given the mb again. Make sure while doing it the second time, you have N0.00 on your sim before texting again or else they will deduct money if you have on your sim.

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