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Latest Simple Server Free Browsing On Phone And Laptops/pc With Mtn 2go 3GB Goodybag Bundle.

Techbmc, who is always after your happiness and joy, is here again to unveil the latest free browsing tips and tutorial. But before i proceed without regressing, I will like to urge you lover of free browsing not to come and grab what you want and leave, always remember you have friends out there who need to enjoy with you, so inform them about the latest legal free browsing giving portal known as www.techbmc.com.

The Question is, How Can I Get The Free 2go 3GB On My MTN Sim?
==>1. Now you have to tweak this Imei 86498101284 After tweaking, send Lyte to 131 in order to get the 3GB.

==> To check the 3gb, you have to dial this code *559*6#
Note:  you can accumulate it in a single sim
==>And what you will receive is 60mb and extra 3gb.
==>Its duration of lasting is 6months if it did not get exhausted before then.

==>This Megabyte was ment for only 2go application, but to make it work on all other applications on your Android phone. Goto your phone settings and open your Access Point and and then apply the below set up for it.

For Your Android Apply.
Download the simpe server Here

==> Proxy:
==> Port: 8080
==> APN: Web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
==> Now, we are done, just save it and make sure you activate it as your default for browsing.

Open Your Simple Server and Fil In The Below Settings:-

==>Proxy host:
==>Proxy Port: 8080
==>Injection Method: get
==>Injection querry/url: https://wap.2go.im/s/ZZbedfgGaeBCekQvI/
==>Injection Host: wap.2go.im/s/ZZbedfgGaeBCekQvI/
==>Injection line: Click your ENTER key button for 4 times
 ==>Buffer size: 8092
==>concurrent connection:10
==>Log level: debug

That’s all, save and start your browsing for good…

For Laptops Configure With The Below Settings:-
Simple server for your laptop or Pc Download Here

==>1. Go to your modem and set it with below configurations


Port: 8080

==>2. Now Open the simple server Config file and set the below settings

==> VALHDR0 = ‘wap.2go.im/s/ZZbedHGaCaCejU7Ge/’
==> IQUERY = ‘https://wap.2go.im/s/ZZbedHGaCaCejU7Ge/’

==>3. Open your Firefox browser and goto the network settings, there set
proxy and that of the port with the above settings given.

That’s all. save and start your browsing.