Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Check Out The New And Working MTN BB10 Subscription Codes For Your Device

I guess in few days ago, most of you guys experienced the breakdown on MTN BB10. And most of you till now, is still wondering why it was so. Why one has to send message and wait till the next day and no reply, sometimes, error feedback, and still, no official notice was in place for the breakdown. Well, I think, it was done that way in order for it to be upgraded for you and i. But don't know why no notice was given before that took place. If you were experiencing that error feedback in the past days, don't worry because, MTN has come up with another new and fresh working BB10 subscription codes for their customers. So get the Simple server and Psiphon for your PC and Android ready for the new bb10 codes as it is blazing like never before.

Here are the New Codes for MTN BB10 Subscriptions.

Price Duration  Data USSD/Subscription codes
N70 Daily 10MB
BBLITED *216*3*1#
N350 Weekly 70MB
BBLITEW *216*3*2#
N1,000 Monthly 260MB
BBLITEM *216*3*3#

Price Duration  Data USSD/Subscription codes
N100 Daily 15MB
BBMIDID *216*4*1#
N550 Weekly 125MB
BBMIDIW *216*4*2#
N1,500 Monthly 500MB
BBMIDIM *216*4*3#

The new bb10 settings for your PC and Android still remains the same with the old configuration. However for reference purpose you can get the new Simple Android Server (SAS) installed on your Android and maintain the old settings.

For those looking for BB10 Psiphon configuration, see it below.
Free BB10 Psiphon configuration

 Psiphon Configurations For Android devices:
==>Goto your Phone settings and locate Access point settings and create a new one by configuring it with below:
       Port: 8080

==> Now Download and install Psiphon handler Here
==> Launch the app and replace the Proxy Type to be real host.
==> Under the Proxy server, copy this url ( and paste it there, remember to remove the bracket.
==>For  "Real Proxy Type" select: Inject.
==>For "Real Proxy Server" type this:
==> Real Proxy Port: 8080
Now scroll down to the bottom and click on where you see "SAVE"

==> Tick the small box for "tunnel whole device" from the next screen that will show after you must have clicked on save.
==>Next is to Click on the "Option tab" then click on "more options"
==> Under your proxy settings, "check connect through an http proxy option"  then configure with the below settings:

Host Address:
Port: 8080

That's it, Now you can connect it  by clicking on "start tap"

If you encounter any problem trying to connect it, use the comment box to express your self while we give you answer to it.
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