Friday, 24 July 2015

Airtel Network Reduced Blackberry Data Plan And Increase Android data Plan

Techbmc brings to you the latest good news about the change made in Airtel 3GB subscription. Airtel sent a text to their customers in case if you are one check your inbox to see it, unless they have not send it to you yet.
Airtel data plan

When i checked my inbox and read the the message, i discovered that the message sent to me from Airtel Network was all about the change made in Blacberry subscription. Previously, it was charged at N1,400 for 3GB but now the price will change to be charged at N1,000 only for 3GB. A change was also made for Android subcription. It was stated that Android subscription was charged at N1,500 for only 2GB, but now changed to be N1,500 for 3GB.

Airtel blackberry data
How To Subscibe For Both Blackberry And Android.

==>For step 1. That is for Blackberry mobile phones. After loading N1,000 just dial this code *440*1# For the 3GB data.

==>2. For the other devices example Android After loading N1,500 just dial this code *440*16# for the 3GB data.

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