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Whatsapp About To Launch Video Chat call Very Soon

Whatsapp is working on implemention of video chat call on the very whatsapp chat app we all know or uses, just like the way it is on Facebook messenger. Although previously, they released a Beta version of the video features which is not in appearance anymore or to be found anywhere. It disappeared  from the beta version showing that it will show up again fully activated on all devices.
Whatsapp Video Chat call

 Whatsapp made effort in implementing voice call chat on whatsapp previously. after that so many was put to discovery. They increased  group members to be 250 in numbers and even as that, theyprovided an option for sending PDF files for friends when chating.

Most of the people that was opportuned to test Beta version of whatsapp video chat call testified that each time they want to make video call, that there is always a popup either for you to choose  video or voice call.

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The video and  voice calls uses Megabyte for them to work or connects.