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Wow!!! Making Whatsapp Video Call Is Here Finally [Check How]

Whatsapp video call feature which all waited for, has come to stay as whatsapp has started rolling such out. Currently, the feature is activated on beta android app.

 As you may know, globally there are over 100 million active users of whatsapp every month and this is yet another great news for all. This is working in hand to beat the recent
Google’s Allo and Duo apps that many people jumped into. This video chat update made on whatsapp should quicken their horizon of reasoning before they will close and open their eye and they will see less users of google Allo & Duo app. This calls for a competition. Let’s keep watching and see what will happen.

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 Now, talking of the new video calling feature, it is now available on Whatsapp version 2.16.318 beta. To test the beta app, simply get it installed on your device by downloading the APK Mirror Here.

First Method:
✔ Locate your contacts
✔ Select the person or friend you wish to video chat with
✔ Next, click on the “call” button.
✔ Two options will display for you to choose either (voice or video)
✔ Now choose video call to start your chat with the person you selected from your contact initially. That’s it for the first method…enjoy!

The Second Method
✔ Go to your “calls” tab
✔ Next Click on where you see  “select contact” button and now the contacts which you selected will load with the video button being displayed next to the voice call button.

The video call chat can be enjoyed only when you are using the latest whatsapp beta app. So we are hoping this feature to reach all using whatsapp application for Android and iOS devices.   

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