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How To Browse With Etisalat BBlite On Android and PC devices

Etisalat dropped their data Bis plan that works on BlackBerry devices alone, although as it was promised when I wrote about the bis plan, that am gonna come up with a way of using the bis on your Android and PC devices, so if you were among those that read the update concerning the trending etisalat bis, then, here comes the fulfilment of the promise made by Techbmc.

 Etisalat Bis is such that gives you unlimited surfing, many said the daily etisalat bis was capped to be 6GB, but I was able to checkmate on that and I found out that the cap for the daily bis was 13GB, so take note.

Are you using Android or want to use this etisalat bis on your PC for its flawless surfling, then follow the steps provided below accurately.


First thing you ought to do, is to  subscribe for the Etisalat bis plan right from Here. Then follow below for the set up.


◾    PdaNet app on PC and android. Download them from HERE and HERE

◾    You need to ownload FoxFi Key on Android by clicking HERE.

◾    You need your Android phone and that of PC with original USB cable

◾    It is assumed that you must have downloaded PdaNet on your phone and PC, now open it on your PC, and then run it on your Android.

◾    With the Android, open the app and then tick on the very connection method you wish to use. There are upto three methods… which include USB, Bluetooth and WiFi connection methods.

◾ From your PC, open the PdaNet application and choose the method of connection you selected on your phone PdaNet above.

◾ Next, click on connect button showing on your pc. You are good to go.

with this method given above you can as well share etisalat chat pack, even mtn bis, bblited, mtn music plus and many other latest and old cheats on your pc either via wifi hotspot tethering, usb tethering or even bluethoot tethering with Pdanet app.

Now, Next Is How To Power The Etisalat Bis On Android devices Alone With The Use Of  Psiphon or Syphon VPN And With Tweakware Mod VPN

Already as you all now know, the first thing to do, is to subscribe for the very cheap Etisalat bis right from HERE.

Requirements For This Settings
=>You need Psiphon VPN (Download it from [Here)
=> Or Moded Tweakware (Download Tweakware Mod from [Here.)
=> You need a strong network for this, so switch on your 3g if it is off on android phone, just enable it.

Configure Your Android APN Settings With Below:

Go to your mobile APN settings and
use this below settings accurately

APN: blackberryx.net
Proxy: (leave it Empty)
Port: (leave it Empty)

Psiphon VPN Settings For This Etisalat BIS On Android

Install Psiphon VPN if you don’t have on your phone,
then Launch the app
At the handler settings, configure it as follows:
Proxy type: Real Host
Proxy server: blackberryid.blackberry.com
Then make sure you click on Save button
Next, go to More Option settings and
untick connect through Http Proxy
That’s all, just wait for few seconds and it will Connect.

Tweakware Mod Settings For Etisalat Bis
First, Switch to Logs and then Click on where you see Handler Menu
It will request for Tweakware
childlock code then input this
= cdce.imishiro.032990
when you must have unlocked it, use Real Host as proxy type and next, clear the
click.php in the proxy server and
with blackberryid.blackberry.
Be sure to Click on Save
Go to SETTINGS and untick
connect through Http Proxy
Then go back to HOME and click
on CONNECT for it to browse.

it connects within few seconds and nothing like off and on once it connect. But if it should waste time then switch off and switch on your data and try connecting again.
Enjoy while it last.

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