Friday, 3 June 2016

See How To Check The Status Of Your Glo SIM Registration

Have you registered your Glo SIM? Did your Glo line refuse to make call for no reason known to you? Did you buy and register your Glo line newly?
OR have you been using your Glo line since you bought it without knowing the status of the line since it is active? You can simply solve the issues above through checking of your Glo Registration STATUS. This will enable you know whether your Sim is registered with Glo Network or not. So to know and be on save side whether your Glo line is registered or not, read on.

To check your Glo registration status, simply text this keyword REG to any of these numbers, 746 or 3456

After that, Glo will reply you immediately, letting you know whether your Glo line is registered or not. In case if the sim has been registered, then you will be expecting message like the one below:

"Your SIM 080713xxxxxx has been registered. Thank You"

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