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Linear & Dual-Head Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Scanner

The advancement in Technology of today has really helped in making life easier for humanity. The very interesting thing about this, is that tech advancement is almost touching all aspect of human life in one way or the other. When you come to the Health sector, technology inventions are making huge waves, as there are so many high tech inventions that help in special diagnosis and scans, and today we are introducing you to an FDA Approved and CE Certificated devices known as Eagleview Dual-Head Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Scanner and handheld Linear wireless ultrasound scanner, all from a company called WELLUE.

Wellue released these wireless ultrasound scanner products recently and as we speak, lots of users have already confirmed the authenticity of the products. And from the user’s feedback we gathered on the product page, there are lots of good positive reviews as regards to the products. And haven gone through the functionalities of these products, we found them worth your money. Below, we have already expanded the functions and usage of these portable ultrasound products, just meticulously read through.

So in this review, our focus is on two newly released products from Wellue known as;

  • Linear Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Scanner
  • Dual-Head Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Scanner

Eagleview Linear Wireless Ultrasound Scanner Machine

Linear Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Scanner is a High-frequency portable ultrasound product, designed for carrying out wireless ultrasound scans. This product gives you high resolution images after you must have done your health scans. As a user, you have the ability to connect the product directly to your compatible devices such as iOS and Android platforms. Below are the details of this product and where to get it.


Features of Handheld Linear Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

Below are the various functionalities this product got and where to get it.

Linear probe, Perfect for vascular imaging

The linear handheld wireless scanner (Uprobe-L) utilizes a high frequency feature that provides you with a high resolution images or pictures of structures near your body surface. This tool is very good for vascular imaging and can also go a long way for MSK, thyroid, Breast, carotid and as well as central line placement.

Wireless Scanning     

Unlike other portable ultrasound scanner out there, Wellue Eagleview product doesn’t have wires, chargers or cables. The product is wireless leaving you with the freedom to move your hands freely while operating. The interesting part about the product is that it connects to your device wirelessly without having to use cord of any kind.

Quality Image Clarity

You are assured of Good quality image on your palm. This will enable you to see the patient’s health issues in HD graphics. The tool displays clarity for quick diagnostic imaging.

This Medical ultrasound product also gives you that flexibility to have you put it in your pocket, because it is portable and mobile. Having it close to any patient even on bedside, for efficient diagnostic imaging are all made simplified.

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Eagleview Dual-Head Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Scanner

Dual-Head Wireless Ultrasound Scanner happens to be another Wellue CE Certificated and FDA Approved medical product for Full-body diagnostic imaging solution. This product produce result with accuracy and speed, as a matter of fact, dual-head wireless ultrasound scanner is 5x faster in operation. Below are the features of this product.

Features of Dual-Head Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Scanner

  1. Features whole Body Imaging
  2. Medical Ultrasound right in Your Pocket
  3. Offers Premium quality image on your palm just like linear handheld ultrasound scanner
  4. Ability to scan and charge wirelessly
  5. Ability to connect your personal devices such as iOS and Android

Why you need to go for Wellue Eagleview Products?

  • The products are FASTER in process
  • The product is built with 2-hour flash recharge for every of your emergent shift.
  • Manufactured with LIGHTER body case
  • The products are very portable for use.

Below is the review screenshot of this product from users.

eagleview linear wireless handheld ultrasound reviews

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