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How To Pay Or Subscribe For DSTV, GOTV StarTimes Bills Through Zoto Recharge App

 Zoto Airtime Recharge app just introduced paying of
Electricity bills, Internet services, and payment to cable TV subscriptions
using their application. In case you are new to the app, Zoto is actually an
airtime or credit recharge app that gives registered users extra bonus top up
(cash back) when they recharge their MTN, Etisalat, Airtel and Glo line using
their app via Bank Account. They are based in Nigeria for their services to

Few days ago, Zoto celebrated one million users over
their platform since the past year 2016 the came into existence, and during the
course of that, they decided to give those that registers with them a token ofN500 airtime.

With Zoto, you can get a wallet offer that goes for 500%
Cash back. So when you recharge from N50 and above, you get a N250 cash back in
your Zoto wallet. And guess what? You can use the airtime to make calls, browse
on internet if you like, pay bills, subscribe for megabyte data for surfing the

Zoto also give new users 100% cash back that is up to
N300 on card amount during their first recharge on the platform. Not only that,
for regular recharging daily, zoto offers 50% cash back which is up to N200 on
card amount. There are lots of offers to enjoy if you are using zoto services.

Based on bill payments through zoto platform, one can pay
for Cable Tv subscription which includes ( GOTV, DSTV, and STARTIMES bills) and
taking about payment of Electricity bills through Zoto ( the service are
available for those in Lagos state, PortHarcourt and someother states in Nigeria.
They have the electricity bill to be paid in postpaid, prepaid and PHCN
postpaid. Finally, another bill payment Zoto offers to customers is that of
internet services, which has the following options for payment. They include;
Spectranet Limited, ipNX subscription, and Smile Communication subscriptions.

Zoto in a wide range gives users the opportunity to refer
people to their platform and earn up to N40,000 naira, when they people or friends
referred recharge using their app. So Zoto can make your pocket never go dry once
you are using their services.

To Pay Online And Offline Bills Using Zoto Recharge App

  • ð  First,
    you need to be registered in order to access the services zoto offers. Click
    here to download and install Zoto App.
  • ð   After installing the app on your Android
    device, open it and fill the necessary details required of you in the provided
  • ð  In case
    you are asked of someone that referred you, use “BOBMIC” or else the
    registration won’t be successful.
  • ð  When
    you are done with the registration, proceed to recharge your line using your
    debit card popularly known as ATM Card.
  • ð  Now
    to pay bills, go to the option bar just below the app, click “Bill pay” to
    access the full section of that.
  • – Select the “Cable TV” option
  • – Select your prefered biller
  • – Enter your Smartcard number and the amount you’d like to pay, then proceed to payment.
  • ð  You
    can also watch this video, for how to pay bill via zoto app.  

Often, Zoto always shower users with so much bonus you
can ever think of, if you are a registered user. Your ATM Card is secured while
using on Zoto platform.