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Best Car Insurance Companies In USA

The best car insurance companies in USA is an essential financial instrument, auto insurance guards against monetary loss in the event of an automobile accident, theft, or other unanticipated circumstance. It functions as a contract in which you pay an insurance provider a premium in return for coverage.

In addition to helping to cover the cost of repairs for your car, auto insurance also pays for associated legal fees, medical bills, and responsibilities.

You can protect your valuables and yourself while driving by making educated judgments if you are aware of the various coverage options and how they operate. 

Why Do I Need a Car Insurance Company In the USA?

There are numerous risks associated with driving, including those to you, your passengers, your car, and other drivers. Because car accidents can happen to anyone, drivers are accountable for having insurance in case they are at fault for an accident. 

In this manner, they can cover their losses in the event of liability as well as the harm or property damage done to others.

To help shield themselves against expensive fees, drivers should at the very least obtain a liability insurance policy. Nearly all states mandate minimum-liability insurance, but comprehensive, collision, and personal injury protection are coverage options to think about if you want more security.

In 48 of the 50 states, auto insurance is required. As long as you can demonstrate that you are financially responsible for paying for the injuries and property damage of other people involved in an automobile accident in which you are at fault, you do not need to carry auto insurance in New Hampshire. 

The state of New Hampshire does have minimal limitations for drivers who opt to obtain auto insurance.

Similar to New Hampshire, Virginia does not mandate auto insurance, but for individuals who choose to obtain coverage, there is a minimum level of liability coverage. 

If you live in Virginia, you have the option to opt out of these regulations and drive without insurance by paying a $500 uninsured motorist fee.

Best Car Insurance Companies In USA

1. State Farm

With about 17% of the market, State Farm is the biggest auto insurance company in the United States. In direct written premiums, the amount is greater than $8 billion when compared to the insurer placed second. 

Drivers may also obtain State Farm policies with ease from anywhere in the nation thanks to the business’s network of more than 19,200 local agents—well, almost anywhere, as the company no longer writes coverage in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Regardless of the population, State Farm has a reputation for providing rates that are lower than the industry average. Seniors, policyholders with named teens, and even drivers with a history of accidents and speeding infractions fall under this category.

2. Progressive 

The second-biggest auto insurer in the country provides a wide range of coverages, some of which are unavailable from many of its rivals, such as gap insurance and veterinarian expenses coverage for animals hurt in collisions. 

Additionally, policyholders can alter policies to better fit their requirements thanks to this.

When it comes to yearly premiums, Progressive is in the center of the pack, but policyholders can take advantage of several discounts to lower costs. 

Among these is the Snapshot safe driver discount, which uses a mobile app to customize your rate according to how you drive. However, the insurer’s customer experience and claims satisfaction score are below the industry average.


In addition to drivers with a spotless record, GEICO is renowned for providing affordable rates to drivers with bad credit, speeding tickets, and uninsured driving convictions. However, it is a somewhat costly choice for drivers with a history of DUIs.

A usage-based insurance program that can lower premiums for responsible drivers and accident forgiveness are just two of the beneficial extra features available to GEICO policyholders. 

Customers can acquire a quotation, track billing, and manage their policies online with this Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary thanks to its user-friendly website and strong mobile app.


Out of all the auto insurance providers on our list, USAA has some of the best ratings for both customer service and claim satisfaction. 

However, the specialty insurer only provides coverage to active military personnel, veterans, and their immediate families.

All drivers, including teenagers, senior citizens, and those engaged in traffic infractions and accidents, can benefit from the cheap rates offered by USAA. Its extensive range of savings enables policyholders to further reduce rates. 

In addition to providing the typical coverages available from other insurers, USAA also offers several high-quality add-ons, such as rideshare insurance, automobile replacement aid, and accident forgiveness.

5. Liberty Mutual

For drivers who would rather deal with an insurance company online rather than through an agent, Liberty Mutual is a fantastic choice. 

One advantage of selecting the mutual insurer for your auto insurance is that you get access to both its broad collection of coverage-related information written in plain language and its easy-to-use website. 

You can also manage your policy digitally by downloading the Liberty Mutual smartphone app. Among the primary explanations for the company’s ranking as the second-best large insurer on the list for shopping experience are these.

6. Travelers

Among the many US auto insurance companies renowned for providing affordable rates is Travelers. For drivers with a history of DUIs, rates are likewise comparatively low; however, adding a teenage driver can increase quotes.

There are numerous coverage options available to policyholders. One of the best things about Travelers’ coverage is that it forgives small infractions and accidents, and it has a usage-based insurance program that offers discounts to good drivers. 

In certain states, Travelers provides ridesharing insurance as well. The insurer’s below-average ratings for customer service and claims satisfaction are another disadvantage.

7. American Family

American Family offers above-average ratings for both shopping satisfaction and claims satisfaction. It also has a more extensive portfolio with OEM coverage, rideshare insurance, declining deductibles, and accident forgiveness, in comparison to many of its competitors in the sector. 

American Family offers many different discounts, such as its KnowYourDrive program which lowers the percentage of safe drivers.

However, just 19 states offer American Family auto insurance. Additionally, its prices are higher than those of its rivals.

8. Nationwide

Depending on the kind of driver you are, nationwide rates can be quite affordable. Like the majority of US auto insurance companies, Nationwide offers affordable rates to safe drivers with spotless records. While drivers with bad credit might also receive lower rates, those with a DUI will pay higher premiums. 

Nationwide generally charges higher rates than the majority of its rivals.

On the other hand, the insurer offers a comprehensive list of coverages and practical extras. These alternatives include pay-per-mile and usage-based plans for individuals looking to cut their insurance expenses. 

Nationwide’s claims satisfaction rating is a little low, but their shopping experience score is comparable to the industry average.

9. New Jersey manufactures Insurance

When it comes to value for money, the greatest auto insurance provider is New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance, or NJM. Our research shows that NJM has the lowest average monthly premium for full-coverage auto insurance among the firms on our list of the top auto insurers, at $119. 

Nevertheless, only the states of Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania offer NJM auto insurance. Auto-Owners or Travelers may provide cheaper rates to drivers in other states. 

These businesses came in second on our list of the greatest insurance providers for full coverage at the lowest cost.

10. Amica

Amica is a great option because there are a lot of savings available—there are 18 different ways to save. Young drivers can take advantage of several discounts, such as good student and driver training discounts. 

Additional savings are available for technologies like forward-collision warning, electronic stability control, and anti-theft systems, which are more focused on the vehicle you drive. 

You can also save money if you insure numerous vehicles, bundle your house and auto insurance, and pay your premium in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which coverage options are available?

Liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and personal injury protection are examples of common types.

How can I get my auto insurance costs down?

By keeping up a clean driving record, combining policies, selecting greater deductibles, and taking advantage of discounts, you can reduce your premiums.

How do I handle a car accident?

Notify your insurance provider of the collision as soon as possible, collect information from the other vehicle or drivers, take pictures of the incident, and, if required, seek medical assistance.

If I don’t own a car, do I still need auto insurance?

If you drive rental cars or borrow cars regularly, you might want to think about getting liability coverage through non-owner auto insurance.

What is a deductible on insurance?

The amount you have to pay out-of-pocket before your insurance coverage begins is known as your deductible. Lower rates are usually the consequence of higher deductibles.

Can I revoke my auto insurance whenever I want to?

Yes, you have the freedom to revoke your auto insurance at any moment. Checking the terms of your policy is crucial because there can be fines or penalties associated with early cancellation.


Car insurance is crucial since, depending on the state, a driver may be responsible for the injuries and property losses of other parties involved in an accident. 

Car insurance is necessary because the majority of people cannot afford to cover their medical expenses and property repairs out of pocket. Auto insurance ensures that drivers who are hurt are reimbursed for their medical bills and auto repairs.



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