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Top 6 Crypto Exchanges in Australia

All of you who are looking for a Crypto Exchange in Australia that can provide you with the best conditions have come to the right place. In this text, we will analyse the top 6 crypto exchanges that you can decide on using. If you already have at least a little experience with cryptocurrencies, then you probably know that different crypto exchanges offer their customers different benefits and “gain” them that way.

So, some crypto exchanges will try to gain your trust by offering you low fees, some will do that by offering you the largest selection of digital assets that you can purchase, while some will choose to get your attention by highlighting the high level of security as their greatest value. As a user, how to play wisely and choose the best possible variant? So that you don’t have to waste your time unnecessarily on figuring that out, we have selected the best Aussie cryptocurrency exchanges, which offer a combination of all the listed conditions. Well, let’s get started. Below, you will see what the current best options are when it comes to crypto exchanges, and you will very easily make a decision about which is the ideal crypto exchange for you and your needs. So, let’s get started.

At the moment, the top 6 cryptocurrency exchanges that you can use in Australia are:

  1.   eToro
  2.   Binance
  3.   Crypto.com
  4.   CoinSpot
  5.   Coinbase
  6.   Swyftx

What does eToro offer?

What a huge number of existing crypto users agree on is certainly the opinion that one of the best places to buy and sell, that is, to trade cryptocurrencies, without a doubt, is widely known, eToro. No matter how long or short you have been in contact with cryptocurrencies, it is very likely that you have heard of eToro yourself. So, what makes eToro so special? First of all, we must say that eToro stands out with an extremely high level of protection. The security and protection of this platform are very well regulated, and this is one of the most important features of eToro that attracts a large number of users.

When they know that they are completely protected, that they can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies without any fear or apprehension, users do not hesitate at all about whether eToro is for them or not. What eToro also offers is ease and simplicity of use. This means that if you want to buy, sell and trade cryptos on eToro, you only need to take a few minutes of your time to open an account. You will be required to register and insert some of your details and upload your ID.

Once you have completed the registration process, you can deposit some funds to your account and you can do that in several ways- with your Australian debit or a credit card, via bank transfer, or, if you prefer, with Paypal. So, all in all, nothing too complicated, you will agree. Please note that each time you deposit funds into your account, you will be charged a 0.5% fee. What eToro also offers is a huge number of various digital assets.

So, you don’t need to worry because on the eToro you will find crypto assets that cover most of the things from Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Cardano, AAVE, ETH, and Litecoin. As you can see, eToro brings together all the things that a crypto exchange should have: it has a large number of digital assets, low fees, and extremely high levels of security. If you are a beginner, we advise you to choose eToro as your starting point.

What does Binance offer?

For those users who see active engagement in spot trading as a priority and the most important feature they are looking for in crypto exchange, the best choice could be Binance, because this crypto exchange offers precisely that. At the moment, Binance is indeed perceived as one of the best crypto exchanges because it offers spot trading fees of 0,10%, and at the same time, Binance is supporting more than 1000 markets so you don’t have to worry because you will have more than enough trading opportunities. Opening an account on Binance is pretty easy, and you should know that there are several options for money deposits and withdrawals.

All in all, if you are looking for an easy-to-use crypto exchange that offers the biggest chances for liquidity, then, Binance is the thing for you. But, keep in your mind that this is not one of the most secure crypto exchanges.

What does Crypto.com offer?

Crypto exchange, which has gained great popularity in the past year and brought a huge number of new users to its ranks, is certainly Crypto.com. Why have users recognized Crypto.com as a great place to trade cryptocurrencies? Well, for a few things. First of all, this crypto exchange allows clients to trade with 250 different cryptos, which is more than enough. At the same time, what users point out as important is that Cryto.com is very easy to use and not complicated at all, especially because it has a simple mobile application that users love to use. So, through the app, or the desktop version of this exchange, you can trade cryptocurrencies. The minimum you need to deposit is $ 20 and the fee per transaction is up to 4%.

What does CoinSpot offer?

Those who want to buy crypto instantly say that CoinSpot is one of the best choices for that. So, here you can buy one of the 350 potential cryptocurrencies, as many as there are currently on CoinSpot, in just a few minutes. Even if you still don’t have an open account on CoinSpot, you don’t have to worry because the whole registration process is so simple that you can complete it in literally a few minutes. What is important to say is that the fee per transaction on CoinSpot is 1%, but, what is very interesting, is that for every next transaction, this fee is reduced by 0.1%.

It is a fact that as a beginner in the crypto world, no matter how simple something is, you will have some doubts and additional questions. And that’s perfectly fine. If you find yourself in a situation where you need the help of more experienced crypto “players”, you have the option to turn to live chat support for help. And if you are worried about the security of CoinSpot, it is enough to tell you that this crypto exchange is regulated by AUSTRAC, so there is no need to worry about that.

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What does Coinbase offer?

Another respectable crypto exchange that you can use is certainly Coinbase, which, above all, offers its users a high level of protection. Coinbase has been around since 2012, and since then has maintained its reputation whose main feature is security. What does Coinbase offer you besides security? Well, this crypto exchange allows you to trade with over 50 different cryptocurrencies. To be able to do this, you first need to open an account, verify your identity and of course, enter your credit or debit card details. Then, you need to deposit a minimum of $ 50, and after that, you can buy, sell or trade available cryptocurrencies. For each trade, the fee is 1.49%.

What does Swyftx offer?

If you are looking for “something more” than a crypto exchange, then Swyftx could be your choice. Swyftx, which is integrated with TrendingView, offers its users access to a huge number of technical indicators and unbeatable customization options. This means you will have the opportunity to get information about price alerts but also many other things that can improve your “crypto situation”. The minimum deposit on Swyftx is $ 30, and regarding the fee, you will be charged 0.6% per transaction. Here, on Swyftx you can find around 310 different cryptocurrencies and you can trade them with guaranteed security since Swyftx is a crypto exchange that is registered by AUSTRAC.


What we just mentioned at the beginning of the text, you have realized by now – there is a huge number of crypto exchanges that you can use in Australia, and the biggest number of them offer good conditions to their users. But, it is the fact that from so many possible options that you as a user have in front of you, it could be difficult to decide, regardless of whether you are a beginner or you already have some experience with crypto exchanges.

It is typical for us as humankind, to take some “serious” time and think well when it comes to making any decision related to our budget or our finances. Precisely because of that, it is completely normal that our behavior is the same when it comes to cryptocurrencies and deciding on the ideal crypto exchange. But, if you have read this text till the very end, we believe that you no longer have these dilemmas, because you will not make a mistake with any of the options that we’ve mentioned here. Every single of the six top crypto exchanges that we have talked about today is, without a doubt, one of the best choices that you can make. So, choose any, and good luck!