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Three Website To Directly Download Android Apps ( Apk ) From Google Play Store

Android is a popular Operating System on moblie devices that is  widely used by many. Android is one of the Tech products in the world that almost all acepted because of its quality. And to have it, the best and safest place to get this Android applications, is from Google Play Store. But most of the times, if you want to download from google play store, you will discover that, it runs slowly and sometimes, if eventually it finally loads the apk app or file you want to download, a pop up that says “sorry you do not have a sufficient space” will surface. At last you get rid of all that and get the app installed. And now, you want to have the raw apk file on your phone so that, you can always install and uninstall whenever you choose to. But to have it, the way you planned it, you will found out that it will not be like that because, the app is directly installed on your Android device without you having access to the raw apk file. Believe me, these could be really frustrating.

If you are encountering such, don’t worry again because, I will be showing you three better websites you can use to download directly from google playstore today.

==>The first website I will show you for downloading directly from google playstore is Evozi Apk Downloader

skybmc screenshot2

Evozi Apk downloader provides you the service to easily download directly from google play store without any difficulties. When I used it, it was awsome and I believe you too can enjoy from it that’s why i decided to share to you.

==>To visit Evozi apk downloader click here
==> When the Evozi website opens, you will see a small box that is labelled “Package name or Play URL” Just enter the url or link of that app you want to download from google playstore that is, by doing copy and paste of the app url or link.

www.skybmc.com/image 2 tutorial

==> After pasting the url in the box provided on the website, below it, you will see a Blue-colored button click on it to “Generate the Download Link of that app you want to download” Now the site will fetch that app from google playstore and a green button for you to click in order to download the application will display below. Just click it  and you will see your app download immediately, after that, install it on your phone and delete whenever you like because you have the rough file to install again.

The othe websites to direclty download from google playstore are

==>ApkLeecher.com and
==>  Downloader-apk.com

The two websites mentioned above are similar to Evozy, very simple to use just like the one I explained above (Evozy) So go ahead and get your favourite apps in google playstore installed on your smart Android phones. I used one of them to download Simple server app for my free browsing just a couple of minutes ago.

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