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How Accurate are Sleep Trackers and Detectors: Does it Improve sleep quality or Not?

Smart watches and health trackers that keep track of sleep have found a special place among the general public these days. Many people use these wearable smart gadgets to check the health status, sleep status, and so on. The question now is whether sleep trackers have a positive effect on the quality of sleep of their users, or vice versa, they also relieve the user’s sleep during sleep.

In contradictory opinion about health trackers

In fact, some researchers believe that sleep trackers do not collect user-dormant data well, which makes it possible for these gadgets to provide false information.

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One of these researchers is Dr. Kelly Baron from the University of Utah. His studies shows that when a user of this tracker is sleeping, the sleep of the user is disrupted, and often with the inadequacy of sleep tracking data, these wearable gadgets warn the user that they even need to go to the doctor. Since these data are not very correct, they can be of concern to the user and not only improve their health and sleep, but also make them calm down.

In 2017, the doctor published a scientific paper that probably detects sleep, reduces sleep quality of people and so on.
Now on the other hand, Fit Beat, a self-generated health tracker, has a completely different view.

The company has conducted research on Sleepwalking, which is based on research by health watchdogs. According to Fit Beat, sleep monitoring with wearable health trackers has about 70 percent accuracy in medical equipment.

What is your opinion now? If you are a health tracker and you are using these devices to monitor sleep, does sleep tracking improve your sleep, or vice versa, has your sleep relaxed? Share your opinions and experiences with us.