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Parents Can Now Monitor Their Children’s Phone Usage With Google Family Link App

Google recently released an app called Family
, that helps parents to monitor their children’s mobile phone usage. This amazing
Family Link app is programmed or developed by Google in order to provide weekly
and monthly report to parents based on their children’s phone usage. Can it be
like onstar family link apple, let’s find out below.

a nutshell, family link app helps parents to monitor their kids’ phone usage. And
it can take effect, only when the app is been installed and set in the kid’s
phone. So the app automatically start doing its work by keeping tracks to the
child activities while using the phone. Some of the activities include; on
screen time, the sleep time, the application in which the kid used and so many
more. As it enables parents monitor their children’s activities with mobile
phone, it also helps parents set time; that is, how long they want their kids
to use their smartphones. And as well provides option to parents for setting up
their child’s first Google Account.

can read the comment of Google VP engineer known as Pavini Diwanji below:

 “When your child is ready for their first
Android device, Family Link lets you create a Google Account for them, which is
like your own account, and also set certain digital ground rules that work for
your family, like managing the apps your kid can use, keeping an eye on the
screen time, and setting a bedtime on your kid’s device”.

having read that above, you will understand that, the family link app helps
parents to lock their children’s devices exactly when it is time they want
their kids to do other important things like studying for academic purposes.
This also go a long way in helping them filter unwanted content from Google’s
app like chrome browser.

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 The app is actually meant to work for
both parents and their kids, using Android devices. So, that of the parent’s
android has to be a 4.0 version and above, while that of the child Android
version, must have at least Android 7.0 (Nougat), which happens to be the
trending OS for mobile devices.
Can I Download Google Family Link Application?
can download the app from Google Play, but as it stands now, it’s yet to be
released by Google.