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How To Use Phone And Check Your Account Balance on Fidelity Bank

Is Fidelity Bank one of the Banks you are banking with? Do you have the idea, that you can check your account balance using your own  very phone without going to the bank to use ATM or calling the customer care?  If No, here comes the very guide to use your phone to check your account balance without leaving where you are at the moment to Fidelity bank.

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To check your account balance on
 Fidelity Bank using your mobile phone simply dial this code *770*0#.

Note: You are to dial the code on the number which is associated to your account on fidelity bank.( that is, the account you used when registering for the account). It might be, you registered the account with any of these networks that include; MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel etc it doesn’t matter with whichever network you used in applying for your registration. Since the code works on all of them.

The code is likely to fail, due to the reason, it may not work if you have N0.00 on your SIM. So do make sure you have about a minimum of N10 before dialing the code, just for better performance.


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