Today, I received two Payoneer MasterCard, my own and the one I applied for my friend at my door step for free of charge without undergoing any stress. Now, have you been applying but no good result, don’t worry because am out to help you on that. So, am gonna be telling you the procedures I took to get mine without undergoing any stress. Below are images of the two letters containing my payoneer MasterCard and that of my friends own.

You might be wondering what it means to have a payoneer MasterCard if you are new to that, or have you been hearing about it but don’t know exactly what it does. Payoneer US online Banking platform is such that makes transaction For online Business men and women so easy and fast. It minimizes the high cost of dollar charge rate unlike when you are transacting with any local bank having dollar being involved. Even as that, as a blogger, website owner, anybody at all who is involved in partnering with affiliate companies like Jumia, as well as Google Adsense etc. Can make use of payoneer account to receive any payment, since some of these affiliate companies doesn’t allow the use of local bank in making payment with Publishers partnering with them.

Let’s get straight to the tips I followed on getting my own USA online payoneer account for free of charge.

All the procedures I followed on getting my own payoneer  mastercard and that of my friends own who is now basking in euphoria of joy on receiving his own, are  already posted here in this blog few days ago. Click Here to follow the procedures and get yours free of charge.

Even while I was still waiting for my payoneer MasterCard to be shipped to me in Nigeria, I was also busy earning cool cash in dollars with payoneer company. How was I doing that? should be the question from you all. Alright, what I did was to partner with them in advertising their service, and how did I go about that? Earning cool cash online is based on powerful secrets, which cannot be unveiled by many making it online because of selfishness. But I really have to help for all to be benefiting online without stress.

It is good to be informed so, if you are not informed, surely you will be deformed. That’s how it works.


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