Don’t Miss!!! See The Services To Enjoy From Any Diamond Bank Branch

Diamond seeing that their customer’s time is precious to them, they decided to make banking easier, so long you are banking with their system. And they are assuring all users their commitment to delight each and everyone with the best banking services so ever. Their system is now ready for you to carry out some transaction without stress, as now, you can now be able to withdraw cash, deposit cash and cheques with your debit card across the counter without the use of withdrawal or deposit slips at their branches.

How it works.

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For Cash Withdrawals & Deposits into your account:

1. Please walk to the teller in the banking hall with your debit card.

2. Insert the debit card into the card reader and input your PIN to authenticate.

3. Indicate the amount to be withdrawn or deposited to the Bank Teller.

4. Kindly receive your cash for withdrawals or hand over cash for deposit to the teller.

5.  For Third Party cash deposits (less than N500,000) into your account, the customer (third party) indicates amount, name of depositor and hands over cash to the teller.

To deposit Diamond or Other
Banks’ Cheques in your account:

1.  Please walk to the teller in the banking hall with your Debit Card.

2. Write the name and deposit account number behind the cheque leaf, along with the depositor’s name and phone number.

3. Insert your debit card into the card reader and Input your PIN to authenticate.

4. Hand the cheque leaf to the Bank Teller.

5.  For Third Party Cheque Deposits into your account, the customer (third party) writes the beneficiary’s account name and phone number as well as the depositor’s name and phone number behind the cheque leaf then hands over to the teller.

You will receive a printed copy of the transaction receipt immediately. Kindly confirm details by signing off before leaving the banking hall.

What more?
·   Instant identification with the use of Debit Card (No ID card checks or signature verification).

·   Receipt of e-mail and SMS notification as permanent digital records of your transactions.

·  Quicker, more efficient
transaction processing which reduces waiting time in the banking Hall.

Visiting Diamond branches has now become a sweeter and more convenient experience. Spread the word!

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