Most Downloaded PUBG and Fortnite in the PlayStation Store

According to the latest PlayStation Store data , the most downloaded games in December are the Battle Royale PUBG and Fortnite games. Stay up to date with the latest game news from Techbmc, the world of tech and games. 

PUBG and Fortnite games

Usually people spend their time at work and away from the workplace during the holiday season, as fans of video games spend all their time playing games and do not miss it until they have to. PlayStation users are also part of these users, who apparently spend all their time downloading various titles from the PlayStation Store this year's holidays. In this news we look at the titles of this month in the PlayStation Store, which has been the most frequent download, and has somewhat the most popular title for users.

The titles on the PlayStation Store last year include the Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V on the PlayStation Store. However, PUBG, which attracted many fans on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PCs, ranked first in its PlayStation Store on its first release month.

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In the Free to Play section, in the PlayStation Store, the Fortnite game is considered to be the main rivals of the PUBG game, given that it is constantly updating and updating its elements.

Currently, PUBG and Fortnite games are available for users of PlayStation 4, Xbox and other PCs, and even Nintendo switches.
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