How to Set Up Dream League Soccer (DLS17 & DLS18) APK Multiplayer Mode for Android Devices

Here comes the guide on how to Connect Dream League Soccer 2017 (DLS17) and 2018 (dLS18) Multiplayer Mode for all Android device that can have the game installed and played on its OS version.  As you may have it, there are many ways to set up multiplayer mode on Dream League soccer game, one can choose to use the settings of local wifi hotspot and another may choose to play the multiplayer mode with friends by connecting through Bluetooth. Whichever way that works for you, it’s still that same multiplayer. For those of us that encountered multiplayer problem or error during the setup of PES 2017 Multiplayer mode, which was later fixed, such will not be experienced here because these settings below have undergone different checkups for error. So anyone can follow up the step by step guide and get dls connected for multiplayer. 

For those using iOS devices like iPhone or iPads and iPod, connecting to multiplayer mode on dream league soccer is a little bit different from that of Android. Although a special post on how to connect your iPhone and iPad devices to latest DLS multiplayer mode method is coming on our next post for games. So stay tuned if you an iOS user that want to enjoy such connection with another phone probably your friend’s device. If you are techy enough, you can still connect dream league soccer multiplayer apk mode using the below tutorial meant for Android users. In case you need dream league soccer unlimited coins, just indicate by commenting and I will send you the guide to hack dls unlimited coins for free

For those new to world of football game, probably a growing teenager that just joined football game fans and doesn’t know what multiple player entails, well Multiplayer mode is such that enable you play with your friends just with the help of wi-fi hotspot connection through your Android and iOS smartphones. The mode of connection doesn’t need mobile data (megabyte), it’s an offline game connection that works free, as long as your mobile device functionality settings of the following; hotspot, wifi, Bluetooth are working very well. 

Basic Requirements Needed To Play Dream League Soccer 17 & 18 Multiplayer Mode

>> Two or three Android devices are needed for connection (That is three Android phones or just two Android phones with a wi-fi or hotspot device)
>> A good working wi-fi hotspot is needed 
>> Two players (you and your friend you wish to play the game with)
>> Download Dream league soccer 2018 APK or 
>> Download Dream league soccer 2017 APK

Procedure to connect Multiplayer mode on DLS 2018 and DLS 2017

  1. The first thing to do is to switch on the wi-fi on both Android devices 
  2. Next is to connect the both android mobile devices to the hotspot of the third device 
  3. Open or launch DLS game in both phones you owned their wifi network
  4. After the above step, in the game just tap on Dream League Online in both devices
  5. On your device screen, check at the bottom corner and tap on the Local Wi-Fi displayed there.
  6. Now, create connection using of the two phones and then join using the other device. 

Bravo! Your device and your friend’s device is now connected to multiple player mode. Now you guys should challenge each other and see who will win.

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