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Do you wish to make it big without much effort in online and offline business? Then here comes another great opportunity for making cool money in to your bank account without any stress. Now permit me to introduce to you WEMA Bank ALAT Referral code that earns you more money if you are banking with them. You know there is this mentality that some people actually have about banks, well it’s no one’s fort because banks actually symbolizes or fully represent a place for saving money, also a center where any customer can transfer money, withdraw cash, deposit and carry out many other banking services with Mobile banking app or ATM machine. So some having this thought never knew they can actually make money from banks if not of carrying above mentioned services and having the thoughts that all bank does is to make banking transactions faster and easier. 

WEMA Bank institution happens to be the first to take a bold step in introducing the well-known digital banking in Nigeria, that brings your bank debit card just on your doorstep without having to stress yourself going to join the cue in the bank. In all, services like this are called ALAT. 

ALAT in talk is a digital service powered and managed by Wema Bank of Nigeria. ALAT is actually a 100% digital services brought out to serve customers in their various transactions, without having them present in the bank Building. With ALAT, one can easily register or open a free functional and active savings account with only the use of Bank Verification Number (BVN) and mobile phone number. It is very easy as that, highest it will take you is 4minutes. So no form of document or paper needed, just the two things mentioned above and your account creation would be ready for use. 

ALAT by WEMA Bank is very reliable and as well convenient for carrying out your daily basic transactions. The banking helps customers to put away their money easily by automating their savings, ensures your bills are paid on time as scheduled with its wonderful payment feature, and doesn’t miss delivering your free debit card (ALAT ATM Card) to the address where you are residing if account is newly created. This banking also gives users the features to buy airtime/credit transfer, activate, lock and as well unlock via your mobile smartphone mobile banking app or through the use of USSD codes anywhere in Nigeria. 

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The ALAT services didn’t end there, they also provided a feature or an opportunity for users to make or earn money with their platform just by referring other people to register with them as you did. So you can actually get paid when you refer a friend to join the banking community for free. All you need to do, is to get your own referral code after registration and then promote via forums, and social media groups and pages like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Telegram, Skype etc. 

WEMA really did well by introducing such an interesting innovative in Nigeria. The introduction or implementation of these banking services have made a lot of things easier for people. As it stands now, you don’t need to go to the bank for collection of your account associated debit card, as that would be delivered to your doorstep by Wema customer care agents. You don’t need to go to the bank for depositing of cash, as all can be done using your mobile phones. So tell me, what’s the need of going to the bank premises again? 

Note: There is nothing to be afraid of, WEMA Bank is free from Scam, they are legit in what they do, and has been confirmed trusted and legit for use after series of test. Throwing more light, ALAT is confirmed to be owned and managed by WEMA Bank PLC, it is a financial institutes very active in Nigeria Nationwide. ALAT by WEMA bank is very active and functioning, their system is very fast in all banking transactions, they have fast responsive system with more of caring customer care officials. They can help to solve any problem you are encountering on your account immediately after your complaints. They are fast in getting any solution to your banking problems.  Read for how to earn with ALAT by Wema Bank.


Below are the procedures to register and earn money from wema bank innovative in Nigeria. Ensure to meticulously follow the steps properly and see yourself smiling at the end of the day after getting a cash alert to your bank account. 

>> The very first thing to do is to download ALAT Application by WEMA, you can get the app in two different mobile popular operating systems like for Android and that of iOS devices.

  • For Android OS, it is available in Google Play Store, download from HERE.
  • For iOS users using iPhones or iPads, proceed to download the app from App Store HERE. 

>> After downloading, get the app installed on your mobile phone and launch or open to proceed with sign up process, fill the required information and continue with next step. 
>> You will be required to enter your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and your cell phone number, ensure to do that.
>> After the above step that has to do with typing your BVN, just click next button and there your full name would be uploaded, and you will be asked to enter your correct Date of Birth and also a REFERRAL CODE


>> Next is to upload your documents having your ID clearly written on it with your signature signed in white paper with a pen, then take picture of it by snapping and your picture as well and then upload using the WEMA application. 

>> Make the process complete by funding your account with at least N500 Naira (do that through a bank transfer or just click “fund account” from your mobile app). Ones you do that, your account will be fully activated and starts functioning like other normal account. Check your account balance with the app, send money into the newly created account from other bank accounts, receive money, recharge your phone number network Line by buying airtime, save money, buy data plan for all networks like MTN, 9Mobile, GLo and Airtel etc. cash out or withdraw your saved money from Automated Bank Machines ATM using your issued ALAT debit card. 


>> You can earn a lot of cash just by referring anyone to open ALAT WEMA bank account using your own referral code. To get your own referral code, click on “refer a friend” from the app and you will earn yourself N500 naira from each person you refer to register. This is a watery Bonus offer, as only 10 people you referred can earn you up to 5k, and not only that, the first 10 people you referred, you will be given extra 5k bonus thereby making your earnings 10k. Now it is time to earn yourself money, don’t just leave the money on the table, it’s time to work. 

In case you are having issues or problems during your first login to the app, just solve the problem by clicking on “Forgot your Password?” for resetting your password in order to enable your login successfully. So reset the password to the initial given password via the Password Reset Notification sent to email address, immediately after that, your account will go back to normalcy. And you can now login successfully. 

Another thing, is to go back to your profile section and ensure to fill the necessary required details and make sure all the ticking is green so as to avoid your account from being restricted by WEMA officials. 

After the above registration just wait for like two to three days or probably a week to get your debit card shipped to your doorstep. And while waiting, go ahead and keep referring people to earn. Keep accumulating by referring and don’t forget to give them your own referral code for application during registration. That’s how it works. 

You can as well register or sign up using ALAT webpage URL from any browser or pc if not from the mobile app. But to get the referral code, you must login to Alat app either from Android or iOS device. The link is:

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That’s all for how to earn with ALAT Bank referral code. Now go ahead and get more fund to your account via this referral process. Don’t neglect sharing this post to someone out there using below share buttons. Thanks.

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