Access Gmail Desktop View Site ON Mobile Phones Via Opera Mini Browser

The essence of this post, is to guide most of us on how
to access gmail desktop view or gmail desktop site on any mobile phones through
opera mini browser, whether Android smartphone, iOS like iphone/ipad, Java
phones, Symbian, Nokia, Blackberry etc. In this post, accessing Gmail pc/laptop
view through your mobile phone can be done only by clicking a link which is
already provided below.

Gmail desktop view sign in from your opera mini or any
other browser you got (eg browsers like Chrome, UC browser, Mozilla Firefox etc).  Becomes very needful when you don’t have a
computer or maybe, you don’t have the pc with you at the moment, but needed to
access the full gmail site just to get the detailed information been sent to
your mail inbox. It might be you have already tried accessing the full gmail
site using your phone with opera but isn’t displaying well. Also, it might be you
don’t have gmail app  apk installed on
your Android mobile. For those using java phones without gmail app, there is no
need to border much, as Techbmc has got you covered on accessing Gmail full
website view.

Although, one can still switch between Gmail’s mobile
view and the desktop view just by clicking on the Basic HTML link found in
every Google mail page, just below that page. But as it stands now, that’s
story for the gods, if you know what I mean, lols.

You know, one thing about the gmail desktop version html
link, is that it made mobile/opera mini users to download PDF files before
having to read the files. And the feature lacked the ability to read PDF
online, also, you can’t attach file while sending mails and others. So once you
access the gmail full site with below provided link, you can be able to have
access to all the features that Basic HTML link switcher is lacking.

Can I Access The New Gmail Desktop View When Login in Opera Mini/mobile phone?
Already, I have written a guide on how to access most of
the popular website like Facebok,
Google Blogger, Twitter, Facebook social media
chat, myspace, Yahoo, ebay, Outlook etc
using a mobile phone. You can
read the tutorial here.

the way you access the computer view of blogger sites, for example; adding this
query ?m=0 at the end of this
site domain eg will take you to the pc section.
While adding this query ?m=1 at the end eg
will take you to the mobile section.

So for gmail address link to computer view, follow the
below steps.
>>1. Visit site,
>>2. Next, Sign in to your gmail registered account,
>>3. Finally, click the below provided link, or you
can as well copy and paste on your mobile browser address bar space.
You can go ahead and save or bookmark for later use. That’s
all at least you can now access the gmail desktop view version as if you are
using any windows or mac pc. SHARE the post thank you.

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