How To Switch Off iMessage & FaceTime On iPhone - iPad Devices

As an Apple smartphone (iphone or ipad) user, it is advisable to turn off iMessage before switching to other non-Apple devices like Android or windows phone, in order to achieve the purpose of switching. In case you don’t know why you should turn off the iMessage before switching, then read on to find out why. Read Also: How to factory reset an iphone without having the password or security code.

When iMessage is been turned off in an iphone or ipad phone, it makes the device to receive text messages sent from an iDevice whether you are still using an Apple device at that moment or not. In other words, to carry out this function on your iphone or ipad devices, we have got you covered with the below simplified steps, just follow it as outlined.

How to Turn Off iMessage and FaceTime on iDevice You Got
=> Ensure to have your Mobile SIM card inserted on your phone.
=> Then locate your Settings Menu.
=> Next, Click on Messages.
=> And then, Turn off iMessage, after that go back to Settings menu again.
=> Now Click on where you see FaceTime.
=> And Turn off the FaceTime. That’s all, you can now exit the settings menu.

Should in case you don’t have an iphone or ipad again, then proceed to Apple Website to turn off the imessage. That is For those Who don't Have their iDevice Anymore.
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