How To Make Your Android Phone Download 20x Faster While Online Using ADM Pro

Hello fans, are you using Android device very slow in downloading files like Pdfs documents, videos, games, pictures and Apk applications etc on internet? Even if you are located at area with strong 3G or 4G internet network, the device still keep slowing down when downloading from any website online. I believe some people are facing this kind of issue with their Android phones. In case you are one of them, you can get your Android download 20x faster with this app called ADM Pro.

ADM Pro is just like Internet Download Manager (IDM) that triggers your personal computers (PC) or laptops to download things in a very high speed while surfing online. In case you don’t know about this special and powerful software called IDM, it is a PC software that enables any Pc user download any flash video from websites online, example can be from Google YouTube and many other sites you know. As it increases the downloading speed 20x faster more than the default download speed. So if you are using a PC, I recommend this software application  “Internet Download Manager” as a must have for your PC. And if you are already using the software but had issues with the IDM key, which may be expired, just do yourself and PC the good by requesting for a new universal key, and boom it will be forwarded to you.

Now, talking about ADM ( Advanced Download Manager) for Android devices, just like IDM for  Pc that gets your online downloading  20x faster than  the default speed. ADM also makes your download faster on your android smartphones. It happens to be the best download manager for android users, so I recommend it to you all having issues of slow download. The app also detect most of your downloading files from your browsers automatically.

ADM is widely developed, as you can download from Show box and any other TV box you get things from for your android operating system mobile device.

Features Of Advanced Download Manager Pro (ADM)

  • ·         Has ability to download 3 files simultaneously on your Android Device.
  • ·         Using Multithreading (9 parts) for accelerated download.
  • ·         Ability of interception of links from the clipboard and browser.
  • ·         Has downloading progress and icon of the programs in the notification panel
  • ·          Has option for list of storage for downloaded files and settings on SD card.
  • ·         Notifies with sound and vibration when done with any execution.
  • ·         App resume after reconnection on program restart.
  • ·         Saves different file formats in different folders.
  • ·         Download as scheduled by user
  • ·          Runs no ads
  • ·         Virus free
  • ·         Displays widget on home screen.
  • ·         Site manager and many more.

To download ADM Pro V5.1.1 Click Here. 

Note: You can’t download videos from YouTube, due Google’s rules placed on YouTube download videos. So you can go ahead and use TubeMate for free videos on YouTube. Now, at least you can enjoy 20x faster downloading on your Android device. Ensure to share to friends. Thanks.
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