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    See 60 Tech Acronyms You Don't Know With Their Full Meanings

    Hello everyone, Today I will be showing all, Educative Tech Acronyms with their full meanings. We might be required of the full meaning for these acronyms below oneday, may be for educational purposes, or if you don't know about their full meaning and at times it gets you confused of how they are being generated, if that has been the case then, here it comes on your door step. After reading, all you need to do, is to share to friends in other to let them know about it too.

    Trust me, you going to learn a new thing now after going through the below.

    1.) ​GOOGLE​ - Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth.

    2.) ​YAHOO​ - Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.

    3.) ​WINDOW​ - Wide Interactive Network Development for Office work Solution.

    4.) ​COMPUTER​ - Common Oriented Machine Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research.

    5.) ​VIRUS​ - Vital Information Resources Under Siege.

    6.) ​UMTS​ - Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

    7) ​AMOLED​ - Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode.

    8.) ​OLED​ - Organic light-emitting diode.

    9.) ​IMEI​ - International Mobile Equipment Identity.

    10.) ​ESN​ - Electronic Serial Number.

    11.) ​UPS​ - Uninterruptible power supply.

    12. ​HDMI​ - High-Definition Multimedia Interface.

    13.) ​VPN​ - Virtual private network.

    14.) ​APN​ - Access Point Name.

    15.) ​SIM​ - Subscriber Identity Module.

    16.) ​LED​ - Light emitting diode.

    17.) ​DLNA​ - Digital Living Network Alliance.

    18.) ​RAM​ - Random access memory.

    19.) ​ROM​ - Read only memory.

    20.) ​VGA​ - Video Graphics Array.

    21.) ​QVGA​ - Quarter Video Graphics Array.

    22.) ​WVGA​ - Wide video graphics array.

    23.) ​WXGA​ - Widescreen Extended Graphics Array...

    24.) ​USB​ - Universal serial Bus.

    25.) ​WLAN​ - Wireless Local Area Network.

    26.) ​PPI​ - Pixels Per Inch.

    27.) ​LCD​ - Liquid Crystal Display.

    28.) ​HSDPA​ - High speed down-link packet access.

    29.) ​HSUPA​ - High-Speed Uplink Packet Access.

    30.) ​HSPA​ - High Speed Packet Access.

    31.) ​GPRS​ - General Packet Radio Service.

    32.) ​EDGE​ - Enhanced Data Rates for Globa Evolution.

    33.) ​NFC​ - Near field communication.

    34.) ​OTG​ - On-the-go.

    35.) ​S-LCD​ - Super Liquid Crystal Display.

    36.) ​O.S​ - Operating system.

    37.) ​SNS​ - Social network service.

    38.) ​H.S​ - HOTSPOT.

    39.) ​P.O.I​ - Point of interest.

    40.) ​GPS​ - Global Positioning System.

    41.) ​DVD​ - Digital Video Disk.

    42.) ​DTP​ - Desk top publishing.

    43.) ​DNSE​ - Digital natural sound engine.

    44.) ​OVI​ - Ohio Video Intranet.

    45.) ​CDMA​ - Code Division Multiple Access

    46.) ​WCDMA​ - Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access

    47.) ​GSM​ - Global System for Mobile Communications.

    48.) ​WI-FI​ - Wireless Fidelity.

    49.) ​DIVX​ - Digital internet video access.

    50.) ​APK​ - Authenticated public key.

    51.) ​J2ME​ - Java 2 micro edition.

    52.) ​SIS​ - Installation source.

    53.) ​DELL​ - Digital electronic link library.

    54.) ​ACER​ - Acquisition Collaboration Experimentation Reflection.

    55.) ​RSS​ - Really simple syndication.

    56.) ​TFT​ - Thin film transistor.

    57.) ​AMR​- Adaptive Multi-Rate.

    58.) ​MPEG​ - moving pictures experts group.

    59.) ​IVRS​ - Interactive Voice Response System.

    60.) ​HP​ - Hewlett Packard.

    Did you learn a new thing?
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