How To Browse Airtel 2G Subscription Data Plan Using 3G Network

Airtel subscribers am bringing to your court how to surf Airtel 2GB plan and be able to use it on 3G Network freely. Before then, hope you all know that Airtel 2GB or 6GB for N200 or N500 data plans doesn't allow users to opt out once you opt in for any of them. So, that means once you subscribe for the data plans, you cannot be able to use other Airtel Subscription on that very sim since you cannot opt out.
But you can still flex this particular Airtel data plan by using another sim or you can still use your main sim since it doesn't change the fact that the sim is yours.

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Now, below is the secret and tips behind making your Airtel 2G data plan browse so fast and work on 3G Network freely.

How To Make Airtel 2G Data Plan Work on 3G Network Mode
Subscribe the Airtel

2GB will last for 14days and 6GB will last for 28days.
To Subscribe to any of the Package
Dial *482# and follow the prompt message.

When you must have subscribed to any of the data above then, tether the network to another phone or to PC. Now, use the tethered device to browse and download online, by mere doing that you should notice a great speed in connection

Now, on the smartphone that contains the 2GB data package, just switch on your Mobile hotspot, and tether it to the other device, while you connect with your WiFi and the speed will be greatly increased.

That's all, enjoy the speed in connection. Tell us how yours is connecting.
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