Six Things You Should Know About ntel 4G LTE Launch in Port-Harcourt & Other States

 Ntel about to Launch their service in Port-Harcourt. Few weeks ago the service was launched in Lagos and of a truth, their subscribers are really enjoying their service already, most of their customers confessed the truth about their network. Part-Harcourt get ready to enjoy from ntel network. Before the launching, here are six things you ought to know:

1. Ntel is looking to lunch before the end of July, in Port Harcourt.

2. The communication infrastructure is currently being deployed, as they were brought into two not too long ago.

3. About 200 sites will be deployed in PH, same amount in Abuja and about 400 already in Lagos.

4. Once they are live in Port Harcourt, list of places where you can get ntel sims will be publish.
5. They are working with some companies, to provide cheap 4G phones, seeing most are quite expensive.

6. Places like Bonny, Onne will also be live. The offshore guys won’t be left out.

Why Will ntel Focus on Abuja, Lagos & Port-Harcourt First?
The reason is that, for all telecom firms, more than 40% of their profits come from just these 3 states.

As soon as ntel launch in PH, some states will be coming on in which Delta state is not an exception...
Also note that the cost of subscription would still come down later.
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