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    How To Block Your Lost GTbank MasterCard Through SMS

    The best security you can have over your Bank account, is to simply secure every of your Bank details which some of them may include; your ATM cards, every details of your online or internet banking features. All should be secured carefully because, one having any details regarding to any of the above mentioned bank accessories or information about them, can make online debit transactions without having any form of authorization request sent to the rightful owner of that card. So, this is why you have to secure your bank account details in order to avoid to say had I know at last.

    GTbank saw the need of providing an option for blocking of lost or stolen MasterCard. So, the implemented a means that gives any of their customer the opportunity to block a lost MasterCard that belongs to them, in order to avoid stories that touches the mind. I hope you know what am saying?

    Now, if really you lost your Gtbank MasterCard, you can quickly block it by following the guide below:

    How To Block GTbank Lost Or Stolen MasterCard

    To do that, simply text/send via SMS  "HOTLIST (Your NUBAN Account Number) to this number 0700482666328 or 08076665555

    For Example: Let's assume, that your NUBAN Account Number is this 0025431521,
    then attach the NUBAN number to HOTLIST like this:

     HOTLIST0025431521 and send via SMS to this number (0700482666328 or 08076665555)

    That's all. You can now wait for the confirmation regarding whether the card was blocked or not.

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