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    Free MTN Browsing On Android & PC, No imei Tweaking

    This free browsing is tested and trusted, working perfectly without you tweaking imei.
    Of course that is what am using now. Hey get ready and enjoy this stuff with me. Don't say i did not tell you ooo, lols. If you are the type that like being online like me, but megabyte has been the major problem, don't worry Techbmc is here to serve you better. Without wasting much of our time, let's get it rolling on our devices.
    MTN free data

    Before we proceed to set up the free browsing on our Android or Pc, some of the things you have to get ready for it, are Simple server or Psiphon. If you have any one of them mentioned above, just get it ready for any of the below setup. Hope you know, is not certain that you must have the two app i mentioned above, but you just need one of them to get it fire on.

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    How Can I Activate The Free Browsing?

    ==>With your MTN go to your message and send/text jumapp to 131.

    Wait an receive this below message from Jumia;
    Thanks for contacting JUMIA! Download our app here bit.ly/JUMAPPLINK - N2,000 OFF voucher code: JUMTNAPP - For further inquiries call 014604400. Happy shopping!
    Note this free browsing has limited time, and probably, is going to end on 31st of January, 2016.

    How To configure Any Of The Vpn You Selected Above.

    For Simple Server On Android Phones:

    ==>Download Simple server here
    ==>Goto your Access point settings and create a new one with below:
    ==> Name:- MTN NG,
    ==>APN:- web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
    ==>Proxy port:- 8080
    the save it and goto your Simple server and set it up with below:

    ==>Listen port = 8080
    ==>Mark enable proxy box
    ==>proxy host =
    ==>proxy port = 8080
    ==>Enable injection box
    ==>Injection method = get
    ==>Injection query/url = http://jumia.com.ng
    ==>Injection host = jumia.com.ng
    ==>Injection line = press enter 4 times
    ==>buffer size = 8092
    ==>log level = debug

    To power all apps when you are connected on Simple server, 
    Download Auto-proxy or proxy droid here
    And set it up with the below settings:

    =>Open your Auto-proxy or Proxy Droid and configure
    Port: 8080
    ==>Finally, Turn ON proxydroid and minimize it.
    And then continue your browsing as it powers all apps.

    For Psiphon On Your Android, Use below:

    ==>Download Psipon handler here
    Goto your Access Point and create new one with:
    ==>Name = MTN NG
    ==>APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
    ==>Proxy: leave blank
    ==>Port: leave blank

    Now lunch your Psiphon handler an set up with below:

    ==>Under Proxy type select= ‘‘real host”
    ==>Under Proxy server, tpye=  jumia.com.ng

    ==>Then leave the others the way it is and click save.

    ==>Click on Option >>More Option.
    ==>Under “proxy settings” check the box for “connect through an HTTP Proxy”

    ==> Then Mark Use the following settings
    and fill
    ==>Host Address =
    ==>Port = 8080

    Simple server Set up For  PC Users
    Download Simple server for Pc here
     Configure with below:

    LHOST = ‘’
    IMETHOD = 1
    ISPLIT = 0
    RHTTP = 0
    TIMEOUT = 60
    PHOST = ‘’
    RQUERY = ”
    RPATH = 0
    PTYPE = 0
    KEEP = ”
    BQUERY = ”
    MQUERY = ”
    RHTTPS = 1
    PPORT = 8080
    LPORT = 8080
    VALHDR0 = ‘jumia.com.ng’
    VALHDR1 = ”
    VALHDR2 = ”
    VALHDR3 = ”
    IQUERY = ‘jumia.com.ng’
    ADMODE = 0
    CQUERY = ”
    CUSHDR2 = ”
    CUSHDR3 = ”
    CUSHDR0 = ‘Host’
    CUSHDR1 = ”
    ILINE = 0
    FQUERY = ”
    SBUFF = 1024
    RPORT = 0

     ==>Goto any of your browser and set it as follows:
    ==>port: 8080

    That's all, Enjoy it while it last and invite your friends to jolly jolly with you.
    Note, am working on MTN 150MB for free, I will update that later in the evening today or tomoro, just keep intouch.
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