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    How to Get Free 3GB, 1GB, 2GB Data - On MTN, Airtel & Glo Network

    Most people like browsing and as such the spend so much time on the internet. It may be that they are researching for something, or chatting via social media like whatsapp, Facebook, skype, google plus etc. And  because of that, they tend to consume more internet data or megabyte via their mobile phones and PC devices. In case you find your self under this category, then you need not to worry about your data ehausting so fast. Here in this post, I have listed best data plan you can surf the net with and won't finish so fast. Read on for full details..

    Cheap data for all networks

    Paykobo is a name of a group of people that deals on reselling data at cheaper price. They are real and not scam. How did i know? I tested and confirmed that. So there is nothing to be afraid of.
    Paykobo sells megabyte on Three major Telecom Networks in Nigeria. Which are MTN, ETISALAT,  and GLO. With Paykobo you can get 100MB on all the major three telecom Networks listed above for just the amount of N25 only.
    To be frank, Paykobo are they best data reseller as of now in Nigeria. Because they sell on cheaper rate and the megabytes are rilly okey for the taged price.

    Below are they list of data and prices of Paykobo on the four major telecoms Networks.

    1GB  for N1,100
    2GB  for N2,200
    3GB  for N3,300
    4GB  for N4,300
    5GB for N5,400

    100MB for  N25
    200MB for N400
    500MB  for N700
    1GB for N1,000
    1.5GB for N1,450
    2GB for  N1,850

    100MB  for N25
    100MB for N200
    260MB for N400
    500MB for N650
    1GB for N1,000
    2GB for  N1,950
    4GB for  N4,000
    6GB for N6,000

    The Validity Of The Datas:-
    The MTN Data last for 30 Days While ETISALAT Data last for 30 Days also but supports auto Roll Over for it. For Glo, plans that are for 30 Days, are those that are above 200 Megabytes. Below are the list

    10 for 50MB last for 2 Days
    51 for 100 last for  3 Days
    101 for 200 last for 7 Days
    201mb and lots of more for 30 days.

     Below are How to Buy The Data From the data reseller known to be Paykobo.
    For you to buy from them, you will have to Open an account at www.paykobo.com with them for login in. After that, you will have to follow the steps provided by paykobo. For payment, it will be through BANK TRANSFER AND through DEBIT CARDS. Don't worry because the steps to that are there, after login. Some may be asking, if the data will work on laptop, phones etc Absolutely YES IT DO WORK ON ALL.
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