Friday, 6 November 2015

Cheap And Best November, 2015 Data Plan For All Network In Nigeria

The cheap affordable price for November, 2015 data plans that am sharing today with you, are good alternatives for those which are on serious business that requires one to always be online and for those that like not to be offline everyday  on different kinds of social media because it makes your day not to be dull or boring by you chating with loved ones and friends.

I used to say this, that if you are the type that can tweak, megabyte cannot be a problem to you. But sometimes you may feel the tutorials on free browsing given here on this blog that some of them are not working without you knowing that some other persons out there are enjoying what you think is not working. What am i trying to say, if sometime you know you can't afford money for data plan just go ahead and learn how to tweak. The tutorials are here in this blog.

Now let's forge ahead with the main topic. Note The data plans are for your smart phones and  Laptop/PC. So whichever one that may be your choice or suits you, just go for it and keep life going.

Etisalat NG
The best data plan for your social media for eg Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, BBM, and the rest of them, is that of Etisalat Social Pack which is fully loaded for your social media. The lasting duration is 7days which is a week and the amount charged for it, is just N300. To activate dial this code *200*3*3*2*1*1#.

PC users, you can subscribe for the above smartpack and browse with it  just with the help of simple server or tweakware. (tutorial coming soon)

For monthly data plan that worth of 2GB for N2000, Dial this code *229*2*8#

Airtel NG
Weeks ago i made a post on Airtel timely based data plan which is still rocking like jet especially when downloading large and heavy apps, musics or videos etc. No need to talk much on this as it is the best when downloading any size of file you wish to have on your devices be it pc or on android.

The Airtel Timely Based Plans are as follow:
N15 for 5minutes
N30 for 10minutes
N90 for 30minutes
N180 for 60minutes

To subscribe for any of this package, dial this code *439# and follow the prompt which will display about how to get any of the above plans.

Works on every platform be it laptop, Android, Ipad/iphone, Symbian etc

Who doesn't know that MTN is under NCC fine roll of N1.4 trillion, but they are bigger than that, still on that, they introduce a cheapest data plan  worth of 2GB for only N1500, and 500MB for just N500. But to have it, they data plans have unavoidably been scrapped. I really cannot tell why.

You can always go for MTN BBLITED that works with simple server on PC and Android or that of the main device that the data is meant for, which is any Blackberry phone.


Glo blackberry data plan still rocking like fire. If you are new to android and will like to get glo 1GB data plan to run on your device for one month, already what to do is just to change your android imei number to the imei of blackberry, Just tweak this imei ( 35400502517) to do that download an app known as Mobile Uncle MTK from google playstore and follow the procedure here to change your phone imei to blackberry.
After that recharge N1000 and dial this code *127*53# in order to subscribe.

This 1GB data works well for all platforms be it android, pc, iphone etc and last for a month.

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