Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Android Users Behold The Very Five Important Things You Can do With Your Android USB OTG Cable

It is an encouraging improvement to know the functions and make ups embedded in your Android device, than in a situation where you are answering an android user when you don't know more of it's functions. I am out to make you know more about the uses and functions of your Android so cheer up. We are going to discuss on the 5 important things you can do with your USB OTG cable for now.

For android users, if you are using an android phone and eventually you don't have the OTG cable or  let's say you have it but the function is not yet know to you, i put it to you, that android is dumb and toothless. Because, if the device can't communicate with another device, it is simply not smart yet.

On The Go (OTG) USB cable enables the communication between one device and another in a language they can understand, lols.

What your OTG cable can do
==>1. Enhances Super Fast File Transfer:- OTG cable is the best when you talk of transfering of heavy files such as Games and HD Movies. I know that some persons
uses Xender or Flash share to transfer over Wifi but when you talk of OTG cable, it is absolutely not a match to be compared to, as it is higher in speed when transfering.

==>2. Making use of a Mouse or a Keyboard on Your Android Mobile Device.

This one is awsome  because when you connect a USB Mouse on your Android using OTG USB cable, surely a mouse pointer will appear on the screen. And to speed up or change the mouse pointer speed, simply goto your Settings menu, just touch (Langauge and input) next touch pointer speed. Now move the slider right or left to choose your best pointer speed. Try experimenting and see the magic for your self.

==>3. Making Use of a USB Modem on Your Tablet or Android:- A change of thoughts will be motivated for those thinking that Wifi only tablet are completely useless without  a wifi network. Now know it that, your 3G Modem might work perfectly well if you have an OTG Cable.

That can easily be done with the help of a widget called "PPP widget". Download it here

==>4. Sharing of Battery Charge Between Two different Phones.

Already this one is not new, as you can connect your device with the help of OTG USB cable to the one serving as a host and now plugging the mobile phone to be charged into the Female port of the OTG Cable. That's all, your charging will then start.

--5. Making Use of a Flash Drive:-

That of your Hard drive is not meant only for your laptop/PC, regardless of the hard drive or hard disk size, you can always use it on your tablet, Android devices only with the help and use of OTG cable.

Note that, you can as well, use  a Game Controller on your smart phone that is Android devices: For the sake of game lovers, OTG can serve you better by performing wonders with your game pad.

How to know if Your Android Devices Support OTG 
==> For OTG USB Checker Download here, have it in mind that your phone must be rooted.

Where To Buy OTG Cable?
Purchase from konga here or that of Jumia here

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